30 November 2021
PortlandPolice say this is a fatal crash. Two occupants, one deceased on scene, one transported with unknown injuries. No word on cause. Stark CLOSED between SE 152nd & 155th.
Portland Police say 19 people were arrested after declaring a riot near Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler's condo in NW Portland overnight #LiveOnK2
Trumpet man vs DJ LRAD
It looks like pellets or something was shot at windows at a hotel near Wheelers condo
5-6 arrests were made on the bridge over the 405 Freeway. Officers targeted protesters on the sidewalk who did not move away fast enough.
Officers pushed protesters all the way over the 405 freeway. They used smoke, impact munitions, & Pepperball munitions.
Most of the past 50 minutes has been spent running through the Pearl. The Portland Police pushed protesters out of the intersection on NW 10th
Many arrests happening PortlandProtests
A person standing on the sidewalk is chased briefly by an officer and then arrested
Arrest of a protestor. He was yelling at them for assaulting and trying to arrest a bipoc member of the press. Portland, Oregon
Police arrested a protester in a wheelchair Portland, Oregon
Arrested a member of the press and then shoved and assaulted multiple members. It appears they were let go
Legal observer arrested for asking why someone standing on the sidewalk was being arrested
Thick tear gas out here tonight. PPB kicking tear gas canisters back at protestors after protestors threw them back at PPB.
Police rush again, and one officer repeatedly punches one of the Portland protesters that they tackled to the ground
Officers in Portland looking through a cloud of tear has to single out protestors
Portland Police has just declared an illegal assembly, before quickly elevating it to a riot.
Police declare unlawful assembly Portland, Oregon
Officers and protestors kick back tear gas canisters
A picnic table and office chair burn on NW 10th Ave. flanked by a banner that says "RESIGN."
Heavy smoke is filling the air. You can see a resign sign flicker in and out of behind the smoke
The front window to Ted Wheeler's condo lobby has been smashed
Police use smoke and impact munitions
PPB declares riot and pushes north on Glisan street Portland, Oregon
Crowd moves to let Street Car pass. It goes right by the garbage can fire
Police rush in and knock people to the ground, making arrests
Officers push group using tear gas and less lethal munitions
Some in the crowd broke windows and someone appears to have lit off a firework in the building. Some protesters are upset about this, saying it endangers the people in the building and minority-owned businesses in the complex. Police are coming
Police making arrests Portland, Oregon
Police bull rush and push protestors to the ground Portland, Oregon
Upwards of 200 people are outside a condo complex in Portland's Pearl District where they think Mayor Wheeler lives. Police have issued warnings. A fire in the street is blocking traffic near NW 10th and Glisan
Windows broken as loud banging rings through the streets. A fire in front of a giant "resign" sign is nearby
A look at the crowd on NW 10th and Glisan Portland, Oregon
A closer look at the damage done. This is at NW 10th and NW Glisan.
Fire is getting bigger. It's in the middle of the street near the intersection of NW Glisan and 10th
Portland police just arrived and declared an unlawful assembly
PPB declared a riot
Fireworks in front of Ted Wheelers condo for his birthday
Fireworks show is Portland mayor Ted Wheelers apartment.
Protestors in Portland Oregon have made it to mayor Ted wheelers condo building. A few hundred are filling the streets
Portland protesters are back tonight outside the building where Mayor Ted Wheeler supposedly lives. They continue to push the for mayor to resign
"There's just a war on law enforcement in this country," claims @POTUS. "Every city in this country could be another Portland or another Chicago."
DHS and DOJ are announcing a joint operations center to "investigate violent left-wing civil unrest," Trump says
1 year ago
Oregon reports 162 new COVID19 cases, 1 more death
"These were good Americans," says @PressSec of the caravan of @realDonaldTrump supporters who went into Portland over the weekend. "There's been 90 days of violence from left-wing anarchists."
Oregon's Attorney General weighs in, saying @realDonaldTrump is "morally responsible" for the death in the protests/counterprotests over the weekend. @KATUNews
On Saturday, a member of Patriot Prayer was shot and killed in Portland. Joey Gibson identified the victim as Aaron "Jay" Danielson. The shooting happened during a dueling protest in downtown, where BLM protesters clashed with Trump supporters. LiveOnK2
Down the street to get a pic of the LRAD and the police rushed from the other side.
Multiple police vehicles appeared with their lights flashing. Some officers hopped down and started running toward protesters. At least five protesters were arrested and marched by PPB officers back into the Penumbra building
Kelly Building: An officer declares "half this group isn't press." and then proceeds to arrest every person not clearly identified as press
Portland Police: To those near the Kelly Building, this has been declared an unlawful assembly due to criminal activity. All persons must immediately leave the area by traveling to the WEST. Failure to adhere to this order may subject you to arrest, citation, and/or the use of (continued)
Another video of mass arrests, and of police physically forcing press & NLG away from the arrests
Police assaulting press for being an inch over the sidewalk Portland, Oregon
Shooting close range at press and shoving nlg
Officers beat a man who they arrested. Another officer forced his head into the ground and wouldn't let up
green Subaru shooting paintballs at protesters. As the police put their vans back in the garage, med truck pulls up and the crowd reforms.
Protesters are throwing eggs up the driveway of the Kelly Building. The LRAD announces "Stop throwing things."
Portland police tackle two people who were standing on the sidewalk onto the street and arrest them
Group has just moved further down East Burnside, closer to 47th Ave. Police are issuing another warning
Arrest underway at the corner of NE 47th Ave & E Burnside. protest Portland
Police telling anyone who didn't disperse west with the unlawful assembly order who isn't press that they're going to jail.seen several arrests
Police rushed the crowd and are making arrests Portland, Oregon
More arrests Portland, Oregon near Penumbra Kelly Building
Police come rushing out and make arrests Portland, Oregon
People moving out fast after police move in to clear the area.
Portland police declare an unlawful assembly due to criminal activity (blocking the street and throwing projectiles). Protesters are told to move to the west or risk arrest and crowd control agents, including tear gas and impact weapons
Police are citing people throwing projectiles & blocking the streets as a reason for announcing an unlawful assembly.
Portland Police has just declared the gathering as an illegal assembly. Crowds are ordered to disperse to the West.
Portland Police:A demonstration is underway at the Penumbra Kelly Building, 4735 East Burnside St. Traffic flow is affected. To participants, do not enter or remain on the building property. (continued)
A group has gathered outside of the Penumbra Kelly building tonight
Two neighborhood residents come out onto their front lawn and tell PPB officers to leave. An officer demands they go back inside.
People are starting to argue with police. Police say they will arrest people standing in the street
Portland police have formed a line blocking Burnside one block east of the Penumbra building. Behind the officers is a white van surrounded by officers and several other police vehicles, some with their lights flashing. Protesters chant "who do you protect Who do you serve"
At the end of the street, some of the protest crowd had shielded the road with vehicles. Police are towing vehicles and making some arrests
A closer look at police on Burnside. They are pretty far from the group in front of Kelly building
A person walking on the sidewalk tries to pass and is blocked. They give an officer their address and point to where they're walking but are told to turn around: "Police action is taking place behind us.
People remain in the street despite police warnings
Deputies of the MCSO are currently a block away from the protest area towing cars. Witnesses tell they have been slashing tires.
Warning from police. They are telling people to get on the sidewalk and out of the street. Cars are blocking Burnside on both sides of the building
Within seconds of arriving on the block of the Penumbra building on E. Burnside, Portland police come on the LRAD threatening the use of tear gas and impact weapons. Multiple police vehicles are parked facing protesters with their brights on
A few photos of the Sweet Creek Fire. There is a Level 3 Evacuation – Go Now – for Hadsall Creek Road. There was a Level 2 Evacuation, Be Set, for Sweet Creek Road.
Group has arrived at the Kelly building. Police are issuing a warning telling people to stay off of the property
Protesters are in front of the Penumbra Kelly Building. Police are making announcements already & are asking people to stop throwing projectiles.
People are chanting - "No Police - No Prisons, Total Abolition".
The 300-acre Sweet Creek Milepost 2 Fire about 40 miles west of Eugene has prompted evacuations in the Mapleton area. ODF has been responding with air and ground resources.
1 year ago
The White River Fire burning in Oregon's Wasco County is up to 14,391 acres and leading to new Level 3 evacuation orders for all of Juniper Flats
It's unclear how many acres the fire has burned so far - but evacuations are underway
This was left at 3rd and Alder in Portland, where a man was shot to death last night. @fox12oregon
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