22 January 2022
Scene of a house fire in SW Portland. It's on SW 26th, right by I5 at Barbur Blvd. Portland Fire says the lone occupant got out, but a dog was killed in the fire.
PDXFire is at the scene of a car fire at SE 118th Ave & SE Foster Rd. Firefighters say they found fireworks inside
Day 35 Portland protests. Elk Fountain, Southwest 5th Avenue
Count 120 protestors left, give or take
"No justice, no peace, take to the streets and f...ck the police"
Crowd here is much smaller than thought. Maybe like 50 behind the barricade. Still no visible police.
"We ready, we ready, for y"all" protestors sing to police
In previous nights when numbers were low, police issued warnings that all parks closed at midnight and dispersed crowds based on that reasoning. Tonight no warnings have been given about park curfew
No policemen for a while so no anger, panic and violence.
Some fireworks that just kept coming.
Fireworks over the JC
Protestor launches fireworks in direction of justice center
A lot of pepper balls and a stun grenade.
Protestor tried to build consensus on not getting near federal courthhouse "this is against the police, no the federal court, they haven't done shit to us" One protester yells back in disagreement "are you fucking kidding, they do shit to us every night"
Elk statue in Portland protests
Protestors are setting up a barricade with wood paneling from the federal courthouse
This was caused by police. One man was standing here previously
A couple of protestors tore down some of the wood from the courthouse to add to the fire at the elk statue
Big elk fire boom:
A spectacle at the elk statue
Some people have removed wooded boards that were covering windows of federal courthouse (next to justice center) — those boards are being tossed into bonfire below the elk statue
This is a fire *at* the Elk Most Holy amd not a fire *upon* the EMH, which resides, of course, in the PNJZ (Portland No Journalism Zone)
More fuel for the fire at the elk statue.
Kneeling with umbrellas in front of federal courthouse, officers inside
And a bunch of people are here. There was one guy here yelling at a building two minutes ago. He was shot several times so people came over and the policemen will use this as the reason they charge. This is what they do
Here's the Elk Fire God before we go
Police out, standing guard in front of federal building. Weapons drawn
The elk in its final form—our dystopian god
Barricade moved to block main, half a block west of the elk
Police walked around corner, it seems. Folks have created a barrier with cones / wooden barricades between elk & JC
Police moved into the federal courthouse
Protestors gather near the elk statue
Lots of people coughing, the projectiles were pepper balls
So again the police came out and again they shot balls at people and then yet again they retreate into the JC. I would love for someone to explain how the aim of this is anything other than spurning anger in the citizenry. Would love. "Let us descalate random violence".
Protesters begin to form a phalanx, moving back to interesection
Police fire non-lethal projectiles
Protestors move forward
Many shots fired at a few protesters standing across the street from the courthouse. smells like pepper balls. Please know that it looks like PPB are the ones shooting and there was zero dispersal order or any announcement of any kind
Police have thrown a flash bang, crowd remains
Portlandprotest day 34
Elk fire keeping me warm. N.W.A. playing in the background
Protestors remain at the intersection
Police pushing folks around and stealing a bicycle. Portlandprotest
In this video you can observe both @PortlandPolice brutality and also @PortlandPolice stealing a civilian's bike before continuing to assault everyone in sight.
Only about a third (if that) of these officers had badge numbers displayed, and not a name in sight.
PortlandPolice targeting journalists. Here is @Human42LM being arrested for walking across the street. They removed her press badge and cash from her pockets. She is visibly vomiting from countryside gas exposure. Journalist @TheRealCoryElia was also arrested.
Officers actions as police arrest an identifiable member of the press @PDocumentarians near NE Killingsworth and Mallory
And my semi-chaotic escape a short time later, featuring snack van, rolling dumpsters, & a woman who appeared to be yelling at protesters. I'm no longer on scene, but it seems at least some protesters went to PPB's north precinct where another unlawful assembly was declared
Signal was really bad near the Portland Police Association building, so here are some videos taken around 10 p.m. showing arrests, tear gas being launched, and confrontations between citizens and officers
Shit hurts" a protester says after being hit by rubber bullets
"Let's take it to MLK boulevard."
PPB just kettled from south and west. no idea what happened to the group—- there's just like 40 officers standing in the road. But here's this video of a PPB officer wiping out
"Do not interfere, do not interfere, officers are taking lawful action."
Police continue to push the group further east. Officers holding a line at Albina.
Protesters shout, "Say her name, Breonna Taylor." as police face off with protesters on N Lombard Street
Rioters used a line of garbage bins to block the road and have lit the contents on fire near Lombard and Albina.
Police have pushed the group of rioters left east to Albina on Lombard. Police are telling the group to disperse immediately. Flash bangs happening now.
Video of the push back to Albina shortly before they started bull rushing all around me
Video shows car trying to slow down line of PPB (was later stopped by a zillion officers; outcome unknown) and PPB pushing member of press, causing him to drop his phone and water bottle
A few dozen protesters are facing off against police who are guarding their union building in North Portland. Most of the protesters were pushed east
Police telling crowd to go past Albina in Portland
PPB throw smoke and flash bangs and roll slowly back west (actually west this time). NLG grabbed a canister of "sting balls: smokeless rubber pellets" Meanwhile medics are treating a Black person who was shot (less-lethal) directly in the chest, over the heart. He's ok
Crowd being told to move past albina or be subject to arrest. Still being declared a riot. LRAD is too loud imo
PPB line a block west
Police are using tear gas on protesters.
Portland police calling this a riot. This is unfolding on N. Lombard. @PortlandPolice say countryside gas is being deployed.
Just got hit in the leg with shrapnel. Seems very superficial
Large number of arrests being made in North Portland tonight at protest
Bloc dancing to "take off your riot gear"
Finishing up the arrests and LRAD is announcing that there's "still criminal activity occurring in the crowd" (haven't seen any personally) so they will probably rush again soon
Portland police pushed a crowd away from their union building in north Portland tonight
Crowd moving East to avoid gas
Police used tear gas tonight at North Portland protest
Portland police declared a riot in North Portland tonight
"CS gas is being used. Disperse from the area." @PortlandPolice calling this a riot. several arrests.
Police appear to be moving back after protest / police line blocked interstate exit on Lombard
Someone falls at the feet of PPB. Pretty sure their bike was confiscated. If not, well, lots of other people's bikes were confiscated
Police just pushed back a line of protesters on N Lombard near Fenwick. Several people were arrested.
Police just announced this has been declared a riot. Officers are putting on gas masks.
Police declare protest in north Portland a riot
Police have declared an unlawful assembly on N Lombard Street near Concord. As police made a charge against a line of protesters, a GoPro camera fell out of my waist belt and has been taken as evidence
Just got moved back again. Got screamed at by PPB to move faster and wiped out while trying to move fast enough while doing my job
Chants of "take off your riot gear. don't see no riot here" which has never been more relevant
Portland protester being arrested tonight
LRAD says that this has been declared a riot, again. Protester (dressed casually like they just wandered over) says "at worst, we are loitering."
Getting marched way eastq
Portland police making multiple arrests near their union building tonight
You can see press guy walk by the PPB line
Police are warning that "force will be used against" a crowd in North Portland right
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