30 November 2021
There about 200 people on Lownsdale Park. It's been very peaceful tonight, with a few speaker giving speeches throughout the park. Portlandprotests PDXprotes
There is a small wall of humans still standing in front of courthouse. Someone on a megaphone is leading intermittent chants between statements. Chanting: "Stay woke"
Protesters continue to gather in front of the Justice Center this evening.
There are several different groups gathered in the area in front of Justice Center and Federal Courthouse. All have their own speakers- this one is by the courthouse
Demetria Hester leading chants in front of Federal Courthouse. Some people moving this way now. I'd guess there are a couple hundred people total spread out over the parks/streets
Another night of protests in downtown Portland It's pretty chill down here so far. Chanting, speeches and audio from MLK.
A few dozen people have candles and are listening to speakers
Candles and speeches over at the corner of Salmon and 4th. Speaker talking about how protests are not limited to any one spot in Portland. "This protest is unlimited."
Night 67 of PortlandProtests. Speaker Demetria Hester is asking "Are you voting Ted out"
This is in front of the Federal Court House. Hardly anyone gathered here. The smallest crowd
Marching past 10th and glisan Portland, Oregon
Protesters enter the Pearl District, passing the landmark Powell's Books sign
Stopped at 10th and Couch and the speaker is determining the next place to go
Stopped and giving speeches at corner of SW 10th and Alder
Literal criminal behavior from the @PortlandPolice
Paused at SW 10th & Alder. A speaker says people need to stop telling protesters, et al to stay safe, because the fact is
Paused near the Grand Central Library, going over details of Breonna Taylor's killing, as originally reported by @Trevornoah
Curving from SW Jefferson north on SW 10th. Curving at Safeway, passing Portland Art Museum and that YWCA building where ICE held kidnapped kids two years ago
People are marching north down sw 10th
People marching east on Sw Main toward waterfront
Marching south on SW 2nd, behind the Justice Center
~50% of the crowd. at SW Broadway and can see people marching uphill for ~2 blocks
People stopped, giving speeches at corner of SW Jefferson and Broadway
The march has paused while the speaker talks for a moment about Breonna Taylor
Someone in the crowd said "they're from out of town, do they know where they're going"
People stopped at corner of SW 10th and Yamhill and a speech is being made about the death of Breonna Taylor
There is a growing fire outside of Parkdale tonight. This image is from Underwood, Washington, across the Columbia River. We hope that this is something that can be harnessed quickly. It brings back instant memories of the Eagle Creek fire.
At the justice center now, around 500 people are at the fence of the federal courthouse.
The police form a riot line, they tell press to leave the area, we were on the sidewalk.
Scene DT. Chapman/Tear Gas Square once again flooded in lights after being totally dark when LE shot off power to the park a couple of weeks back
Day 65 of protests in Portland
Clear shot of PPB's videographer, which again is illegal
Portland Police declare Northeast Portland protest on Burnside an unlawful assembly. At the Penumbra Kelly Building. Police have blocked a portion of the road on Burnside
A group is gathered near SE Oak and 41st after police declared unlawful assembly at PPB SE and rushed the crowd. One glass bottle was thrown at an officer and shattered on its helmet prior to the rush
Speakers at the federal courthouse building attracting a crowd tonight on SW 3rd tonight
Portland Police are rioting again
Unlawful assembly declared at PPB SE Precinct near 47th and Burnside
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