17 October 2021
Deputies have safely taken a male into custody following a barricade situation. All roadways will be reopened shortly
Portland Police riot officers just pushed out of the Penumbra Kelly building to clear the debris from the road. The crowd is extremely small.
Here's a video from tonight's police riot outside of the MCSO. in this video i am chased by a cop who is clearly out for blood. with his hand on his mace the entire time, he shouts "YOU'RE NOT MOVING FAST ENOUGH." and "put your fucking camera down." Portland
Many of the Portland Police officers have just withdrawn into the Penumbra Kelly building parking lot. The crowd on grown has shrunk, and has remained peaceful.
The tables have moved down to 47th and E burnside. There was a report in the crowd of police gathering at 47th and SE stark, so that might be why. A banner has also been hung across from the precinct
the motive from the protesters to not get beaten by batons, but for the goodwill of the street hope they are eventually returned unharmed
A barricade has been built in front of the Penumbra Kelly Building. Much of the crowd has returned and are chanting at the officers in the building
Homeland Security helicopter overhead Portland Protests
Overly dramatic exit complete with smoke
The policemen rushed people BEFORE declaring an unlawful assembly outside of the east precinct in Portland just
This means the police maced and destroyed the property of multiple people without even the suggestion that there was a crime being committed. This included a targeted attack on a megaphone which was asking the crowd to "walk, don't run"
A person shoved down and just walked over in Portland, Oregon
Police tossed some smoke (not tear gas) and retreated back to the Penumbra Kelly building. Crowd significantly smaller, but the picnic table crowd has moved their roadblock up here now
The police push continues. Several people have been pushed as the riot line advances.
Police more of the push in Portland, Oregon
Portland Police has just pushed protesters East. They executed several short bullrushes.
Some pallets ended up in the street. The crowd behind the pallets yelled at some guy for taking photos of them. The common reason given when ordering people not to film certain things is, "This sh** gets people killed."
Moments ago police rushed the crowd. 52nd and Burnside. Unlawful assembly declared
This guy was very talkative until the camera came out. he said he was hsppy to be here.. not happy enough to show me his badge number guess Portland
More state police came in and formed essentially a barrier between protesters and whatever the troopers are doing that initially drew the attention of the crowd
Police presence on both sides of the river now.
The strong on the flagpole was undone so police run over, take down the flag and demonstrate and absolute lack of understanding of how to fold the flag. Protesters offer to get some scouts to help
officers talking with a young man near 4th/ Salmon. Protesters were chanting "read his rights." Then we saw officers in riot gear come out when people surrounded officers.
Portland Police officers have just unceremoniously lowered & removed the American flag from the flagpole. The crowd is cheering.
Continues in front of the Penumbra Kelly building. Protesters are jumping on the mattress.
Portland Police are arresting a minor downtown. The policemen just brought in reinforcements in riot gear to disperse the crowd that had formed to support the Black youth in custody
Fourth and Salmon where protesters are surrounding state police saying "Read his rights". not sure what exactly happened here
At East Burnside and 47th where a crowd of protesters has gathered outside the Penumbra Kelly Building.a building used by Portland Poluce and the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office
Speakers at the Justice Center wrapped up for the night. Some are going home, others are heading to the Federal Courthouse.
Not very many officers out here. And they are not in riot gear. Some in crowd are chanting and shining flashlights at officers
This reporter is glad that didn't draw the "stand in a bush" short straw
Standoff. The police are wearing their name tags tonight. Anyone brave enough to bring their equipment, you know what to do
Meanwhile on the eastside, around 200 people are standing in Burnside Street in front of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office. Officers are outside
At the downtown protest by the Justice Center and the Mark O. Hatfield courthouse, each building has its own following
Did not see people throwing things but this kid offering the police chips
Another small group of protesters heckles another line of officers at the east side of the precinct. Currently clear roads from the east as well. Chanting "Black Lives Matter."
There about 200 people on Lownsdale Park. It's been very peaceful tonight, with a few speaker giving speeches throughout the park. Portlandprotests PDXprotes
There is a small wall of humans still standing in front of courthouse. Someone on a megaphone is leading intermittent chants between statements. Chanting: "Stay woke"
Protesters continue to gather in front of the Justice Center this evening.
There are several different groups gathered in the area in front of Justice Center and Federal Courthouse. All have their own speakers- this one is by the courthouse
Demetria Hester leading chants in front of Federal Courthouse. Some people moving this way now. I'd guess there are a couple hundred people total spread out over the parks/streets
Another night of protests in downtown Portland It's pretty chill down here so far. Chanting, speeches and audio from MLK.
A few dozen people have candles and are listening to speakers
Candles and speeches over at the corner of Salmon and 4th. Speaker talking about how protests are not limited to any one spot in Portland. "This protest is unlimited."
Night 67 of PortlandProtests. Speaker Demetria Hester is asking "Are you voting Ted out"
This is in front of the Federal Court House. Hardly anyone gathered here. The smallest crowd
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