30 November 2021
Portland's mayor says protesters who lit fires at the East Precinct last night are "attempting to commit murder" "You are creating the b-roll film that will be used in ads nationally to help Donald Trump," he said. "You don't want to be a part of that, then don't show up."
Portland: Earlier this evening during a protest, Portland police believed there might be an explosive device placed in front of the East Precinct building. It turns out it was not explosive
Portland: Witnessed four arrests tonight, with protesters being moved deep into residential neighborhoods by police after a riot was quickly declared. Pepper spray, some gas, a very active night though things seemed to quiet down after several dispersals. Over and out
Portland police ask protestors if their press, if not they need to disperse
The Portland Police are under a restraining order that stops them from arresting or dispersing press. Every night they try to find a way to break it. Tonight they gave Garrison and orders they could not lawfully give
Wall of Moms up in the front next to the police line.
Krista Swan, says she was tackled by police and her knee is bleeding a little, but is unfazed by it “I’ve had kids”
Looks like some troopers are here too
As previously noted, these only barely resemble what you think of as foam, and are more like hard porous plastic
People are blocking the street at SE 106th & SE Washington.
Police are telling press they have to move off the sidewalk (there is no sidewalk left) in violation of the TRO
Crowd came back to 106th and Stark. Police reminding them its a riot and pushing them east again
Police loading up on vehicles near 111th & SE Stark.
Back at the precinct where police taped off the road. an officer say something about a suspicious package
These bull rushes disperse crowds through chaos and lots of physical contact. For example: here a couple protestors and a police officer tumble, they all get up and continue running alongside their groups
The crowd is attempting to occupy the street. Numbers are not with them
Police bull rush, push one mom into the ground
Protesters were pushed east of the precinct and are moving back towards the precinct
Police arrest a protestor Portland, Oregon
The police line pulls back finally, firing foam rounds at the crowd to cover their retreat. These can easily destroy goggles and eyes
Pushing people east on Stark. Lasers are being shined at officers who have shot some pepper balls in response
Portland police declare riot at East Precinct
As the arrests are happening, the police teargas a crowd up further ahead.
Police disperse protestors, pushing them away from the East precient
In this video, police charge the ground. Several officers mess up and run headfirst into a truck
Arrests at 106th and Washington
A canister is thrown back towards the police.
Officers pushed everyone back. I believe they launched tear gas (last night it was just smoke)
Gresham Police tell that no arrests have been made yet in the shooting. The injuries to the children. not life-threatening
The door itself is baracaded, but there are attempts to break the top window on the precinct.
People are really trying their darndest to get in there
Portland, Oregon 737 south 106th avenue
Police are present both inside the building and on our flanks. The shield wall has formed up in front of the doors
This shooting in Gresham sent two kids, 3 and 5, to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Looks like a drive-by shooting. Many spent rounds in the street under police markers.1 year ago
This shooting in Gresham sent two kids, 3 and 5, to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Looks like a drive-by shooting. Many spent rounds in the street under police markers.
Police tape coming down near the scene of the shooting investigation on 165th.  Police say at least one house & two cars were struck by bullets.1 year ago
Police tape coming down near the scene of the shooting investigation on 165th. Police say at least one house & two cars were struck by bullets.
Protesters are trying to break in
Police say two kids, 3 and 5 years old, were shot while playing in the yard. Police say both have been taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Being investigated as possible drive-by scenario.but still evolving
Health officials in Oregon reported 299 new cases of coronavirus on Wednesday, bringing the state's total to 19,979 since the pandemic began
PPB clear out of N Denver AVE after concluding their investigation of a shooting approximately 15 minutes prior. A flashbang grenade is deployed near two ACLU representatives and @DonovanFarley
Shooting investigation underway in Creston-Kenilworth Neighborhood in the 3500 block of Southeast Francis Street
Other journalists are scrambling to find details. This witness recounts his recollection of the shooting.
Portland Police riot officers have arrived on scene. They have attempted to interview witnesses, and ask journalists & legal observers for footage of the shooting.
Four gunshots were just fired at protesters. This video shows running towards the area.
As the riot policemen drive off they throw a smoke bomb into the street.
Most smoke has cleared and the police have drove off.
Shots have just been fired on the corner of Lombard & Denver. The crowd runs for cover. As of no one is hurt.
Officers are leaving the area of North Lombard Street and North Campbell Avenue. Do not throw projectiles at officers as they leave the area.
Officers have concluded gathering evidence and are departing the area
Portland police retreat under the cover of smoke
Gun shots fired, unclear who shot them. Three shots. Crowd is dispersing
No one is hurt, the shooting was three shots. This is NOT an active shooting event. The gun fire is over
recovered from the truck attack. The police came to defend the PPA building which was not under attack. After a few minutes policemen pulled a ninja vanish
The officers push all the way to Denver Ave. Portland, Oregon
Teargas kicked back at the police, officers move up west towards Denver Ave
Pushing people to Lombard and Denver. Also, that may not have been tear gas because none of the officers see are wearing gas masks
Police held the perimeter at the intersection for about 5 minutes before withdrawing one block away.
Portland Police has just pushed protesters to the corner of Lombard & Denver. A volley of smoke and impact munitions has been fired.
Portland police have used tear gas, unlawful assembly declared
Portland police make announcement that they are aware of temporary restraining order regarding Press and legal observers
Police have dispersed protestors, tear gas has been used
Officers have arrived and teargas has been shot. Portland, Oregon
The driver has been found. The bike is still under his truck and he appears to have fled to his home on Mobile Av, a couple blocks South of Lombard where the police have already descended
More vans and dumpsters being used as baracades in hopes of preventing further veichular attacks
A truck just crashed into a motorcycle and gunned it through the protests at PPA
After the pickup incident, some people put more fences, the charred dumpster, and vehicles in the street
No injuries. A motorcyclist blocked the truck with their bike and bought the crowd a few seconds to get clear. The vehicles have moved into better defensive positions. The LRAD has left, and no police have moved to assist. Folks are a bit nervous about loud mufflers just now
This person just drove through the crowd. No one hit them but a clear attempt
The journalist @DonovanFarley got some video. It appears no is physically injured. guy drives through the barricade, almost kills a guy on a bike who tries to a top him and speed all the way through the crowd to the fence on the other side.
This pickup just sped through the protest in front of the Portland police union building. Just floored it, as people jumped away. Sparks flying. No one hurt
Another round of warnings from the LRAD. PPB claims people are trying to break into and climb on top of the Portland Police Association building
The LRAD did the announcement again for the first time in about half an hour.
Heard multiple warnings from Portland Police.
This semi-truck couldn't turn around when it hit the demonstrators' roadblock at Lombard and Concord. So they cleared the street enough for it to drive through
Current scene at the PPA building. a tiny bit of spray paint, but no one trying to break in.
While DJ LRAD accuses people of wanting to set the PPA on fire, a dance party breaks out near the fence that's been erected across Lombard to protect the protesters. Meek Mill's "Other Side of America" sets the mood
Portland Police have warned the crowd a couple times to leave the area. The LRAD is making the announcement from about a block away from where demonstrators have used a fence and vans to block Lombard at the intersection with Denver
Moved to the other side. There's a chain link fence up on Lombard and Denver. protesters put that up anticipating police coming from this direction
Portland police LRAD warning "Stop trying to break in or vandalise the Portland police association building, or you are subject to force"
The LRAD has appeared and told people to "stop trying to break in or vandalized the Portland Police Association building."
Same LRAD DJ using a different voice for the "nice" announcement
First warning of the night from PPB. Police telling people in the crowd to stop trying to break into the Portland Police Association building.
At the police union building on N. Lombard where there are a couple hundred protesters. There's a dumpster on fire in the street. Then there was a fire started at the edge of the building but other people in the crowd yelled for it to be put out
This is the message projected on the PPA building. "Defund the police invest in community."
The scene in North Portland. A few hundred people near the @PortlandPolice Association building.
Portland Police have just given their first warning of the night. Crowds are warned against attempting to break into the PPA building. The LRAD also just told peaceful protesters to leave the area.
Crowd made it to the Portland Police Association Building. People have started a dumpster fire in the middle of N Lombard St.
a flaming dumpster Portland, Oregon
A fire has started Portland, Oregon
A barricade has been set alight in front of the Portland Police Association building. Several hundred protesters gather on the streets.
PPB is here on loudspeaker saying people are trying to break into and damage the police association building. "Stop trying to break in or vandalize the Portland Police Association now"
A white peace policer draped in an American flag was ejected from the protest after a long episode around the PPA door. The demands seem fairly clear
And a dumpster fire Portland, Oregon
Hundreds of People have marched to the Portland Police Association (union) in North Portland
The crowd has just arrived at the Portland Police Association building. There is no visible police presence at this time. A protester yells: "Someone buy all the doubts."
A view of the crowd passing Rosa Parks and Denver. Bikes and motorcycles are leading the way and blocking streets. Cars are bringing up the rear
Some people put flaming cardboard up against the building. Then the person in the flag cape started putting it out. Some people yelled that they were a cop
Arrived at the Portland Police Bureau's union HQ. For those following from out of town, yes, the @PortlandPolice put their union across the street from a donut shop
Just touched down at the PPA
Small baracade a little bit west of the PPA building on Denver and Lombard.
Some activists set a fire up right at the wall of the building. A woman draped in an American flag, who marched all the way with this group, steps in to kick the fire away
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