22 January 2022
Fireworks lighting up near the Federal Courthouse building.
Fire started near SW Main, PDX - looks like it's growing in size.
Federal law enforcement officials are escorting work vans away from the federal courthouse building.
Construction vans are lined up to move out. Feds push protesters back to the sidewalk
Here's another one. Looks gnarly. Would prefer it was not here
Someone was asking what kind of guns they have and the answer is: I don't know but maybe you do HMU in the replies
I'd estimate 200ish protesters in the parks/street. A few dozen federal police
They pushed the crowd back so the vans could start leaving
People are lighting fireworks off in the street next to the vans. Homeland security officers were standing around where the construction crew is working. They did not intervene
Tuck's downtown and for that you should be grateful
Behold, the construction that apparently needs protection by 50-100 federal and local law enforcement officers
Here's a photo of some of the DHS FPS folks. At this point I'm like, "hell, bring back PPB, at least they are not supposed to use tear gas or arrest me (per the TROs)."
Speaker are correct that there's no way 100 protesters can take on 100 officers. But this tone is unusual for the JC and people seem thrown off
Protesters are chanting near the federal courthouse building as federal law enforcement stands outside, keeping protesters away from work vans & off the federal courthouse property.
Shooting Investigation Underway in St. Johns Neighborhood in the 6600 hundred block of North Columbia Boulevard
Here's the standoff at the federal courthouse. There are about 40 protesters here. There are 10 PPB officers on the NW corner of the JC block as well
Many items were thrown at Officers tonight including firework mortars and paint. One Sergeant's pants were burned from a thrown mortar. An Officer had paint splattered all over him
PPB has announced, "Everyone must leave the area between Interstate 405 & SW 1st Avenue, SW Columbia to W Burnside Street. This area is closed."
Officers arrested a male at SW Broadway and Main St. who had a loaded firearm on his person. He fought with offices during the arrest
Federal officers launch tear gas from inside the federal courthouse at protesters as they light fireworks outside
Police pushed legal observers and press East and West away from arrests. Then these officers moved me away as I was trying to film an arrest farther West. You can hear my angry voice in this voice one
The cop closest to me here dropped his gun and didn't notice until another cop alerted him. It was about 2.5 feet from his body
This person is getting arrested.
SW Main and Broadway
Federal police intersection, Portland police move to disperse
A cop kneels to put on a gas mask then police charge Main to push protesters West
The lineup at salmon and 3rd
Still smoke pouring from the street in front of the federal court bldg
Federal officers dispersed protestors, moving them out of the park. Heavy tear gas use
People were walking towards SW 3rd & Madison with lots of wood for the bonfires that had been set.. then they realized police had cleared the area and they dropped the wood and split.
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