30 November 2021
Statement from Mayor's office: "I restricted the use of countryside to life safety situations, and the Incident Commander determined that its use was necessary last night at least in part because of the fires being set in the neighborhood."
Some big flames from a new mattress. Police are asking people to move so firefighters can come in
Fire is growing. An announcement has just been made telling people to move south because Portland Fire is coming to put the fire out
Portland fire is coming in to extinguish the fire
Police thank protesters for letting fire crew put out fire and ask them to remain peaceful.
Fire has been put out. Crowd yells as police walk back towards their cars and precinct
Portland Police returned to the North Precinct building, allowing crowds to reoccupy the streets & continue tonight's demonstrations
There is a much smaller crowd out in Portland tonight — maybe 100 right gathered in front of a police station. They have made a bonfire out of a mattress
One arrest in the process Portland, Oregon
SW Stafford Rd is closed between SW Mountain Rd and SW Newland Rd due to a fatal crash.  Stafford Rd is expected be closed for several hours please avoid the area.1 year ago
SW Stafford Rd is closed between SW Mountain Rd and SW Newland Rd due to a fatal crash. Stafford Rd is expected be closed for several hours please avoid the area.
Firefighters are extinguishing the mattress fire
Portland Police arrested over 50 people during fiery demonstrations Saturday night, marking the 100th night of protests in the city since the death of George Floyd in late May
At 1:16 am, PF&R responded to car crash on ne 122 N of Glisan, car hit several unoccupied tents, landed on side, 1 patient trapped in car, extricated in 15 min, car caught fire during extrication and extinguished, pt entered into OR Trauma System and transported, unk injuries
Here's another angle showing one of the molotov cocktails leaving one of the people in tonight's Portland crowd with their legs on fire.
Oregon State Troopers are also out for the face-offs on Night 100 of the Portland Protests
Police leaving from the stark side of the park
Police take aim at the protesters from a resident's fence near the park
Police continue to detain people & have announced, "This remains a riot. Failure to disperse may result in arrest, citation or crowd control agents
More arrests & detainments .clashes with police have continued for several hours near Ventura Park.
Police push press to the ground outside Ventura Park in Portland
Two more arrests from earlier. @2lesslegs shouts advice in the background
Since officers first appeared, one has been carrying this pole with a small black camera attached to its tip and pointing it toward the crowd
Protesters marched back to Ventura Park. Police were waiting and dispersed protesters north back to Burnside. Police fired this gas/smoke. No pepper burning but awful coughing
This was an interesting exchange Portland, Oregon
Another arrest. Portland, Oregon
Still a crowd of a few hundred out moving through the streets. Police depart the scene here with some tear gas and pepper balls
Police and protesters continue to face off in day 101 of unrest in Portland
Gassing and shooting riot munitions at random traffic on burnside
Smoke bombs and teargas are launched back and forth between police and protesters near the Black Lives Matter Snack Van
Police announcing - "this has been declared a riot" on the loudspeaker. you can also see a flaming Molotov cocktail fly through the air- hit the ground & flame up
Many police munitions and stun grenades thrown after the flames engulfed part of the street. Officers briefly pause to put on gas masks.
Massive amounts of teargas on the streets tonight. Portland, Oregon
As this person gets arrested, they say: "This is the third time you've thrown me on the ground."
There were several people detained by police tonight. Portland, Oregon
A man just got lit on fire. in Portland
An officer has confiscated a Black Lives Matter flag
Police arrest protester, apparently for. insulting them Other police fire smoke grenade into middle of arrest. Protester may be injured, was heard screaming inside police van.
The flames from what's been described as a Molotov Cocktail glowing on SE Stark.
An officer kicks a gas canister in the direction of Ventura Park
somone absolutely letting the policemen have it with both verbal barrels
Police advancing on protesters on Stark Portland, Oregon
After what appears to be a Molotov cocktail is thrown, a man briefly catches on fire at a protest in SE Portland on Saturday night
After the troopers get tired, their target returns to heckle them
Mix of PPB and Oregon State Troopers out now. A lot of teargas in a residential neighborhood.
Police were huddling together and talking — they then rushed into the park and made arrests
This is the moment when police said a Molotov cocktail was thrown into the street in front of them
Police detaining someone & deploying tear gas or smoke nearby as they take someone into custody.
Portland: Police bull rush and tackle a protestor face first into the pavement
Police are still lined up at SE 117th Ave & Stark Portland, Oregon
A parked car is doused with teargas and has its alarm set off after a canister exploded underneath
Officers shoot gas into the park Portland, Oregon
State trooper push protesters back east along Stark to Ventura park. More arrests are made in their rush, mostly whoever they can catch. Protesters dispersing as directed
Teargas, stun grenades, and fireworks in Portland on night 100.
Many police munitions and stun grenades thrown after the flames engulfed part of the street. Officers briefly pause to put on gas masks.
Crowds have been dispersed away from the East precinct, their marching on 122nd
Police bull rush, push protestors, protestors throw fireworks
Police move in, this is the second dispersion
Protesters going the hardest ever seen by about 1000
Portland: Tear gas is being used
A fire was set with what we're assuming is a Molotov cocktail. Someone's shoe caught fire
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