30 November 2021
1 year ago
72nd Ave Natural Gas Incident - Evacuation notices have gone out reverse 911 from @WCCCA to the homes within 300 feet of the incident
1 year ago
Natural gas incident is at 10006 SW 72nd Avenue. Evacuations within 300 feet around that location are being conducted. Road closures in the area of : SW 72nd/Maple Leaf, Locust/75th, Locust/71st
1 year ago
Firefighters are on scene of a natural gas leak at SW 72nd Ave and Ventura Dr. in the Tigard Area. @nwnatural is en route to the scene and there are roads closed in the area
Overnight fire sparks at Beaverton storage facility
Police say officers were called to a shooting at the Marriott Hotel at Southwest Naito Parkway and Columbia Street around 1 a.m. on Oct
Crews battle fire at Hillsboro storage facility
Crews say this fire at the Twin Oaks Drive Storage Facility in Hillsboro area is UNDER CONTROL. They're still looking into how it started.
Oct 6-7 at the ICE facility: barrage of crowd control munitions (CS gas, green smoke, SAF-SMOKE, blast grenades, at least 3 types of pepper balls, stinger rounds), then a number of arrests.
Additional photo of the storage facility fire. Cause is still unknown; investigator is headed to the scene
Twin Oaks Drive Storage Facility : Crews are working as quickly as possible to extinguish flames and prevent further spread beyond involved units. ⁦⁦@HillsboroFire⁩ is also on scene assisting
Malcom X is playing in the background. The feds out number protesters but ppb is still funneling arrests for them and blocking our exits
Portland Police closed on crowds on both sides of the streets. Many arrests have been made
Portland Police drive off, counted about four arrests
Firefighters are currently responding to a fire at a storage facility off Twin Oaks Drive and Cornell Road. Several units involved. Cause unknown; investigator is headed to the scene. Please avoid the area to allow responders to access the scene
Just confiscated the speaker and arrested the person who brought it.
Police confiscate speaker Portland, Oregon
Portland Police rush toward the protesters and make arrests
Portland Police tackle protestor Portland, Oregon
Portland: federal ICE agents move in on Antifa protesters after an unlawful assembly was declared and warnings were given Chemical agents were used to push the militant shield line away from the building
An ambulance was called for someone who got teargassed in their apartment near the ICE building, Portland Police accompanied the ambulance
Portland: Antifa protesters retreat from federal agents outside the ICE building after they were ordered to vacate the property This is day 121 of nightly unrest
Many federal agents standing outside the ICE building currently. They have already throughly teargassed the Portland streets tonight
All of the gas Feds and protesters Portland, Oregon
There are more Feds than protesters Portland, Oregon
A few protesters have marched back to the ICE building after the Fed's push. Officers still geared up behind the gate
Protesters are returning to the ICE building after the first joint dispersal action by federal agents and Portland Police officers
Protestors return to ICE Portland, Oregon
The group dispersed after more smoke bombs but they're still in the area ⁦Portland, Oregon
Protestors are walking back to ICE after the first round of tear gassing
There is not any protesters around they just keep shooting the road. "Show how violent you are, you violent colonizers."
One of them i think just smoke Portland, Oregon
Protestors retreated in formation, using umbrellas to shield themselves from impact munitions
Feds blanket the street with tear gas Portland, Oregon
Portland Police in vehicles pushed protesters from behind. The crowd is largely splintered in the smoke. Unclear as of how many arrests have been made
More smoke and flash bangs thrown to disperse the crowd
Some federal agents were armed with M4 rifles. Protesters retreated several blocks back towards the park
Strange clouds. The line advances a block. The protesters, overwhelmed by this amount of gas, retreat several
A city block covered in tear gas Portland, Oregon
The federal agents retreat back to the ICE building under a haze of smoke and gas. So far there have been no arrests
Feds are shooting flame throwers Portland, Oregon
Feds lob tear gas and flash bangs at protestors, shooting pepper balls as they retreat
Multiple explosions and fires started by the federal agents from their munitions. Portland streets are filled with Teargas once again
Federal agents have exited the building unleashing a barrage of less lethal munitions & flashbangs on the shield wall
The umbrella wall moves back under a barrage of munitions from the Feds
Federal officers use crowd control munitions including tear gas and pepper balls to disperse the crowd in SW Portland
Stun Grenades and Teargas being used Portland, Oregon
Federal Agents have stormed out of the ICE building. Stun Grenades and Teargas being used
The FPS gave another two minute warning, this time citing the thrown object. Officers getting ready to move
Officers have deployed a smoke bomb but the group isn't moving Portland, Oregon
No reaction from the federal agents so far Portland, Oregon
Asmoke canister on the roof of the ice facility
Small smoke device throw on to the ICE building from a protester
The shield wall has just moved closer to the building, facing off with DHS agents behind the garage doors. As of now, protesters are not in federal property
Feds didn't come out after their 2min warning, protestors moved up and are taunting them to come out
Federal officers have just declared this an unlawful assembly Portland, Oregon
A small number of protesters are at the ICE building in Portland tonight
The crowd assembled in Elizabeth Caruthers Park have just started their march
Portland protest day 121
Lots of federal agents geared up behind the gate Portland, Oregon
There is small dance party adjacent to the umbrella shield wall. DHS agents have remained quiet since the last warning
An umbrella shield wall has formed on the street in front of the ICE building.
The group is playing music and chanting outside of the ICE building. heard any verbal warnings in the last twenty minutes from federal officers.
Police said a man was hurt in a shooting at a downtown Portland hotel early this morning in the 1400 block of Southwest Naito Parkway
Police: Woman stabbed in back at SE Portland group home in the 14300 block of Southeast Alder Street, suspect arrested
Police have closed down some areas of the Marriott in downtown Portland, following a shooting in one of the rooms.
Police: Man seriously injured in shooting at downtown Portland hotel
Crowd has been marching all over downtown Portland. They are in front of Park Plaza apartments near PSU
Protestors march by the new courthouse Portland, Oregon
The destination of the march has just been changed to the Portland State University campus. Crowds are arriving now
The crowd is on the move, marching to the accompaniment of the frontline drumline
The officer responsible for the shooting & killing of Johnathan Price has just been arrested for murder. The crowd cheered after hearing this news
Protestors react to the news that the police officer who shot Jonathan Price has been arrested
Crowd is leaving Justice Center, heading east. There are less than 200 people
There's about 200 people marching in downtown Portland.. The group was previously at the JusticeCenter
The riot collective mutual aid van has arrived at the JC. One of the volunteers tell they have travelled from Seattle to support Portland protests
About 200 people moving through downtown
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