18 September 2021
1 year ago
Statement from Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband and Oregon U.S. Attorney Billy Williams on Oregon Governor's Reopening Plan for Places of Worship
Police use batons and crowd control munitions as they push protesters to the west away from the Justice Center
Police clear the area pushing protesters west
A protester says "everyone run" as a line of police make a westward charge towards the crowd on Southwest Main between 4th and 5th Ave
Police line up and regroup as protesters move west
Video thread from night ten of police brutality protests in Portland: Protesters throw water bottles at police over the fence in front of the Justice Center
Here was some of the fence shaking/water bottle throwing that led to tonight's use of force and arrests
Police continue to throw flash bangs at feet of protestors, urging them to move faster
On Burger King Fire, 1525 SE Grand. Heavy fire found throughout building, attic space, roof HVAC unit. Crews attack fire with multiple hoselines, bulk of fire extinguished in approx 25 min. No injuries, cause under investigation. All crews remain on scene working
Burger King Fire: Fire fully extinguished, PF&R investigations unit on scene, no cause determined yet, @PGE4Me @nwnatural assisting. Fire recalled, 2 fire crews and 2 chiefs remain on scene working
More fence shaking and pepper balls shot1 year ago
More fence shaking and pepper balls shot
Current situation at the fence in front of the Justice Center
Marchers are taking a different route to the park today. Right they are taking to the streets along NE 12th. @fox12oregon
Portland: The march to Irving Park has begun. @fox12oregon
Demonstrators gather in Portland for 11th night of protests
Ninth Night of Demonstrations-One Large Non-violent Demonstration, One Resulted in at Least 50 Arrests
Riot police move protesters away1 year ago
Riot police move protesters away
An officer shouts "You were standing taking photos." as two people hiding behind a car are arrested. Another officer threatens me with arrest as I clearly state I am press as I move back and comply with orders
Police use force and make arrests in Chapman Square
The central city was filled with sounds of sirens, arrests and the booming use of crowd control weapons as unrest in Portland continued on Saturday, June 6.
Police take Chapman Square1 year ago
Police take Chapman Square
Police use force and make arrests in Chapman Square.
Near sw 11th and Harvey milk. The video is very shaky but what's interesting is you can hear flash bangs going off in the direction people are walking—peacefully, on sidewalk, many with hands up
Video thread from the ninth night of GeorgeFloyd protests in Portland: "This is a civil disturbance and we have declared an unlawful assembly. Leave the area or you will subject to the use of force and arrest."
Protesters swarm the Justice Center on the sixth night of action against police brutality after the killing of George Floyd as police position an LRAD sonic weapon in front of the fence and carry out surveillance from above while activists prepare for tear gas with leaf blowers
Justice Center is deserted1 year ago
Justice Center is deserted
Police on burnside getting people to clear the area1 year ago
Police on burnside getting people to clear the area
Portland Police make another arrest
Riot policemen setting of f flash bangs near Harvey mills and 11th1 year ago
Riot policemen setting of f flash bangs near Harvey mills and 11th
Crowd fully in the street on 10th, passing Harvey Milk1 year ago
Crowd fully in the street on 10th, passing Harvey Milk
Portland' police continue to advance
Just got back from a night of speaking at Irving Park. This is what the group downtown dealt with. This is the same protest, by the way, just separated by the river
This is what it was like when Portland Police pushed the crowd back from the fence
Police in Portland clearing the area
Portland police swinging baton
Crowd marching, sw 4th and salmon
Riot policemen moving in from opposite direction of fence. Lots of tear gas
Portland police arrive from behind crowd
Portland police using force, unclear what kind of gas
A HUGE crowd about to be subject to use of force, per Portland police announcements
Portland police telling the crowd to leave. Most still here
Portland Police have declared an unlawful assembly and civil disturbance. Warning of use of force
Lots of stuff going over the fence. Fireworks. Portland Police are moving back
With a definite edge in their tone, Portland Police have added "animal feed" to their instructions for things that should not be thrown over the fence
Someone is throwing what I assume is animal feed over the fence at Portland police. Crowd is oinking
Someone is cutting through a lock on the brick restroom building in the park near the Justice Center
Big crowd lined up on one side of the @PortlandFence again Saturday night. The barricade seems to have been reinforced since it was briefly knocked over yesterday
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