22 January 2022
Police are investigating a shooting at NE Halsey and 122nd. I spoke to a witness who said he heard around 20 gunshots. @fox12oregon
Portland Police:Police are monitoring the situation along N Mississippi Ave near N Albina Avenue. People have barricaded the road following civil and criminal enforcement this morning of private property
About 17 arrests so far. Unknown if Police will return today. There have been calls for support at Red House in case Police return (and in greater numbers) to remove the family from their home. The location of the eviction/foreclosure is 4406 N Mississippi Ave
Major barricade up at Albina Avenue in Portland. Albina was once the heart of Portland's Black community, but gentrification has displaced most of the original community
Protesters in Portland are occupying space around Mississippi Avenue following police returning to the "Red House," where a local family is being evicted
In Portland BLM/Antifa Protesters Gather Up And Setup Barriers.
This is over the eviction of some people squatting in the "Red house"
Caltrops, broken windows and thrown paint. Another peaceful protest from #Portland
Antifa attacked responding @PortlandPolice officers with projectiles.
The battle for the Red House rages on Mississippi Street as activists aggressively push back police who showed up to evict the Kinney family
Red House and surrounding streets have been reclaimed. The police were chased off but they will be back
Barricades are being erected on all sides of the street by the Red House on Mississippi
Portland police unit leaves north on Mississippi tires deflated, windows smashed
Portland does not love them a fence Portland, Oregon
Tension in alley behind N. Mississippi Ave home after police make several arrests for trespassing and as crews begin clearing property. Road closures on Mississippi Ave between N Skidmore and Blandena St
Police continue to fall back north on Mississippi as protesters keep them moving
Police continue to get pushed back, a protester with a fire extinguisher covers a vehicle as people fight back
Turns out the report of gas was a fire extinguisher, being used on a police SUV which may have been pushing into the crowd, before retreating:
Portland police officers that fled return once again
Lots of energy here as police fall back once more
The fence is repositioned to block Mississippi Street
A protester covers police with a fire extinguisher from behind as they advance towards activists
Altercation as ANTIFA chases off Portland PD from the Red House Courtesy
Protesters push back a line of police Portland, Oregon
Portland fought back against a forced eviction at the Red House on Mississippi. After a heated interaction between the PPB and protesters the policemen left the area
Police advance as protesters pull on the fence
The fence around the Red House on Mississippi is coming down
Police find 83 shell casings, 50 bullet strikes at scene of NE Portland shooting
When arrests and searches were taken individually, 2.9% of the 6,227 Black people stopped by the Portland Police Bureau were searched and 6.1% were arrested. For white people in similar circumstances, PPB searched 1.9% and arrested 4.3%
@WilsonvillePD is investigating a motorcycle crash in the area of 28000 NE Wilsonville Rd.  Rider appears to have left road hitting power pole.  ambulance transport, no word on condition.1 year ago
@WilsonvillePD is investigating a motorcycle crash in the area of 28000 NE Wilsonville Rd. Rider appears to have left road hitting power pole. ambulance transport, no word on condition.
Waldport City Councilor Mark Campbell was killed fighting off a burglar according to ⁦@lcsheriffoffice⁩1 year ago
Waldport City Councilor Mark Campbell was killed fighting off a burglar according to ⁦@lcsheriffoffice⁩
Federal agents secured the entrance for the first ambulance to enter the ICE detention facility. Agents arrested a person who approached them asking questions
Two ambulances have entered the facility after two targeted arrest rushes. DHS agents rush out a third time, they make another arrest, this time chasing their target several blocks North of the ICE detention facility
Portland ICE agents and Department of Homeland Security make a targeted arrest on the individual who set an American flag on fire earlier in the night
Portland PDX Video of the apparent flag burner's arrest. He was chased a couple of blocks before being caught by DHS Police
Portland PDX Got the flag burner
After multiple arrests were made, Portland protesters set fire to an American flag in front of the SW Portland ICE Building
Portland PDX A second fire has been set. one of the Seattle antifa militants were just arrested in Portland
DHS agents have rushed out and have taken at least 2 into custody. They did so in response to graffiti sprayed on federal property. This was likely a targeted arrest operation
Portland Another arrest made. Multiple arrests of Antifa demonstrators outside the Portland ICE facility tonight after vandalism was done to the building and a fire was set.
Portland ICE agents and DHS police make another arrest on a protester
Another arrest has been made and an ambulance appears to be standing by. DHS police have their shields out and a riot has been declared
There is a small gathering in front of the ICE detention facility in SW Portland. This is an "Abolish ICE" protest
Portland ICE agents and DHS police make multiple arrests and carry a protester away, after protesters march from Elizabeth Caruthers Park to the ICE Detention Building and graffiti parts of the building
Things popped off right away at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in SW Portland tonight in response to tagging and chants. Two arrests
Small protest at ICE in Portland. They got swooped after about 5 minutes of yelling aimlessly. At least one arrest
PPB investigating possible shooting in NE Portland; 1 person injured
Surfer suffers non-life-threatening injury in Seaside shark attack1 year ago
Surfer suffers non-life-threatening injury in Seaside shark attack
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