19 January 2022
Shots fired from this vehicle. The driver was driving erratically before accelerating into protesters. The passenger fired several rounds out of the window before speeding off.
Shots fired at Portland protest.white car shoots in air as it pulls off
Downtown Portland, driver fires gun into air
This white SUV has tried to swerve into the street towards people multiple times
Portland: SUV parked in front of the stag statue base then drove off and fired multiple shots into the air from a revolver
It currently feels more like a slow block party here rather than a protest.
Fire is picking up and honestly I might retire from writing and become an Elk God photographer full time
3 teens sought for assault, robbery at Boones Ferry Park in Wilsonville.
Someone on a Portland Protest Bureau megaphone announced they are collecting signatures for an "anti teargas petition." Signing the form includes putting the date, your name, and address. Some people have voiced security concerns relating to this
Frontside elk check bc
Sheriff's office: Man struck, killed by hit-and-run driver in Brooks1 year ago
Sheriff's office: Man struck, killed by hit-and-run driver in Brooks
The LRAD announced that the police are observing vandalism on the Justice Center, and maybe "people trying to brake in." So they send the riot policemen in response
And after blocking the road for ten minutes, the police decide to leave.
Some PPB officers just appeared behind the Justice Center. Perhaps a shift change.
Shooting in East Portland leaves juvenile injured near Southeast 148th Avenue just South of E Burnside Street, Dozens of Casings Recovered
PPB in camo suddenly stormed into Chapman Square a few minutes ago, fired off some "crowd control munitions," then retreated into the federal building at 3rd and Jefferson. This is still warm. Better pics later
Federal officers just stormed out of the federal building on Madison and 3rd. Eye-witnesses reported that they chased after an individual, before retreating back to the building.
They are in the federal building found what they threw
So these guys just rushed the vigil, through to the 4th and main intersection and shot off several of these.
And then this happened in the middle of the vigil
Retreating back and shooting impact munitions
Federal Officers out of the blue stormed the park. Unclear why or what their goal was. A few stun grenades were used
The Officers moved back to one of nearby federal buildings and begun to aim and shoot munitions into the crowd.
Crowd outside the Edith Green fed building. It sounds like marshals may have rushed into Chapman Square
Officers back in their building for now. heard rumors they are currently putting gas masks on.
Some of the Chapman Square group crossing the street back to the courthouse/Lownsdale Square side
The vigil for Summer Taylor in Chapman Square. Around a hundred people are in the park
Speaker addressing the Twitter drama currently going on. The group that left for Chapman says the sit-in is organized by Rose City Justice (who they don't like). Speaker says "No the fu** we're not."
1 minute of silence for Summer Taylor at the protest at the Federal Courthouse.
One group of protesters is gathered in front of the US Courthouse giving speeches/doing a sit-in. Another has moved across the street to Chapman Square. Lighting candles. The pioneer statue here is just fine, in case anyone thought it been damaged in that fire. It's decorated
There is a minute of silence in front of the courthouse for Summer Taylor, an activist who was murdered at a Black Lives Matter protest in Seattle a few days ago.
The group outside the courthouse has shrunk a little as people have walked over to join the group gathering in Chapman Square.
The group that came here for the "Night of Rage for Summer Taylor" have moved to Chapman Square and separated from the group doing the sit-in by the federal courthouse.
Speakers are still on the mic in front of courthouse, but a group just broke off, chanting ACAB. Heading into Chapman Square
Speaker currently talking about the importance of allies, staying together (as opposed to having dueling groups), etc. "These police officers are so scared right now. They're scared of us."
"Every day we come out here to try to make something happen, to make a stand."
18-year-old arrested in connection with arson at PPB's North Precinct
I'd estimate around 150-200 people outside the Federal Courthouse
New group called Portland Protest Bureau is having a peaceful sit-in outside the federal courthouse. Organizers say they want to focus on the movement, not violence.
Another group is breaking off from the sit-in protesters. It's about 40 people or so moving into Chapman Square.
There has been a sit-in right in front of the federal courthouse for the past 20 minutes. Half a dozen people have given short speeches.
A closer look at the state of the Federal Courthouse. Note the "murder holes" (castle style) on the side of the plywood
Downtown Portland, Tuesday July 7th. There are a few hundred people here in front of the Federal Courthouse, right next to the Justice Center, protesting for the 42nd
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