19 January 2022
A Homeland Security car drives past protesters who are West of 405, which is where we're supposed to be
Continued near Jake's Grill on SW Alder street Portland, Oregon
Police charged really fast moving West on Alder. This isn't my usual clear-ish video because I was genuinely scared I was going to get seriously hurt. Also, I was sprinting because they were making me
They're pushing to I 405
Riot police are still trying to push the antifa protesters west down Salmon st
Here's the sedan again. Protesters are being cautious about being in the streets
Single use tear and countryside gas canisters
Portland Police Bureau leave. The protesters don't advance east toward the courthouse or Justice Center.
The federal officers begin to leave, PPB stays to hold on Broadway.
Federal officers and PPB holding the line at Broadway
Federal police in Portland have pushed the anarchists out of Lownsdale park down salmon st
The federal officers and Portland Police Bureau push people west towards broadway.
Riot van, sound truck, riot van
Police retreated. Most protesters are West of Broadway on Salmon. Two protesters just popped open a couple of White Claws. You know what they say
More tear gas in the streets of Portland. The Portland Police have finally made an appearance and declared downtown "closed."
After tear gassing the park yet again, the officers decided to tear gas the street.
Federal officers push people out of the park and use more teargas
Federal police marching East
Federal officers threw Tear gas canisters passed the park and into the street
The feds charge out the courthouse and tackle and arrest a few individuals. Then they deploy tear gas into the park
Feds ran out and into the park, shooting munitions. Tons of tear gas deployed in the park
Federal officers launch dozens of tear gas canisters into the park. This is the third large scale dispersion of the night
They pushed us West out of parks. PPB made an announcement. Feds hit a person with clear press shirt with a tear gas canister. They're hurt but walking
Federal officers cleared the park, panic went through the crowd initially, then instead of running they started to walk away from tear gas
Federal officers went inside the courthouse
After over two hours of protesters moving on the Federal building in Portland LEOs respond with non-leathal force to disperse the crowd
The officers are periodically shooting pepper balls into the crowd
Protesors throwing water bottles and cardboard boxes, federal officers shooting impact munitions In Exchange
Massive cloud of teargas around the entire street in front of the federal courthouse.
So much tear gas Portland, Oregon
The street and park are engulfed in teargas once again.
Federal officers blanketed the street outside the federal courthouse with tear gas
Federal officers warn of "chemical munitions" for coming onto curb
Like clockwork. More tear gas
Feds yelling "If you follow an officer into the curb, you will be gassed."
Police are still positioned on Madison and 3rd. A single protester meditates in front of the Justice Center
Protestors and federal officers in standoff
Some federal officers are carrying assault rifles
Protesors at face to face with federal officers
The last of this perticular tear gas brigade.
More teargas being deployed in the street and park. Officers trying to shoot me as I record. There were no protesters behind me as they shot in my direction
The air was heavy with tear gas, even at a distance it was intolerable to stand in
Protesters using Hong Kong tactics to put out a canister, then officers deploy a canister, hitting me with it and it falling into my bag. I have PRESS marked on my helmet.
Some of the effects of tear gas on protestors
The beginning of the tear gas brigade. Feds also shooting a lot of munitions into the crowd
Federal officers dispersed protestors using tear gas in the 45th day of protest
Federal officers deployed heavy tear gas to disperse protestors
Federal officers launched dozens of tear gas canisters into the park
Federal officers use tear gas and disperse protesters
Park across the street from the courthouse completely filled with tear gas as federal officers push protesters away from the courthouse. Park isn't federal property fwiw
Here's more tear. Federal police are still shooting into the park and throwing tear gas
Big tear gas attack
Protestor rallies crowd
Tension at peak, federal officers issued "final warning" on trespassing before dispersal
There are dozens of protests, 20 paces from federal officers
A look at how federal officers are treating Portlanders this weekend
People gathering on the premises of US District Court. Police can be seen inside
Some empty canisters of apparent riot control munitions that someone shared with us. Most of them were from today,
Protestors keeping off federal property for the most part, but some will walk on and taunt officers
Back at the JC. Current scene in Portland, Oregon
Federal officer shoves a man to the ground knocking his glasses off. Moments later another fed tells to move off the sidewalk and into traffic
As we cross midnight, a lot of cameras descend to and record the federal officers
Protesters continue to gather outside the Justice Center Downtown in support of BlackLivesMatter after six consecutive weeks of protests
More people are probably in the northern park than in the street. Feds shooting something into crowd
This is what we're all staring at. A few US Marshals in the inexplicably open doorway
Still tense here. Officers warned moments ago that people should not throw projectiles at them or they will be subject to arrest
Loud sound in this video. Announcement warns that if protestors throw things they will be subject to arrest. Then there's a piercing alarm sound
A man told he saw his friend get shot in the head by a rubber bullet after putting a microphone bullhorn over his head. This is the blood
Here's another angle of the seizure
A man shared with us this empty countryside gas canister he found after it was administered by law-enforcement
Here is some blood on the pavement someone with their own stream told us a man was shot in the head or injured in the head, he saw a man with a head injury. We are on the other side of the street of US District Court
The person that was shot has left In an ambulance.
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