17 October 2021
The PPB mobile command center just arrived to the scene of the shooting
Portland Police are investigating a shooting at NE 115th & Sandy Blvd. at an apartment complex. Police say one victim is being treated—but there's no word yet on the severity of injuries.
At least 1 person is hurt following a shooting in NE Portland.
Some of the police stationed in the east parking lot Portland, Oregon
A few officers and the LRAD are across from the protesters
The group has moved from its original spot to this side of the building where we can see police vehicles with lights on.
The bulk of the crowd has moved down to the vehicle pool entrance in front of the MCSO to start chanting. Energy has picked up a bit
People are still out chanting in front of the building.
There are a few moms in the crowd. Portland Protests
Protesters have gathered outside of the Penumbra Kelly Building in SE Portland.
Ambulance arrived but a couple people were upset that (they said) the ambulance had been sitting a couple blocks away for several minutes while the man was bleeding. Other people in the group got them to back off so the EMT could help the injured man
Kind of quiet out here. Snack Van 2 is here (with driver standing on top at one point). Gary Floyd, who has frequently held the megaphone the last couple nights, is leading chants of "Black lives matter" and "Say his/her name."
Police came over to help the injured man. One officer asked, "So if I get AMR (ambulance) in here are you guys gonna be nice to 'em" Protesters answered of course, they like ambulances
Mans has been on the mic chanting for 40 straight minutes. The police have stayed in the parking lot. The People remain in the street
There was an encounter between protesters and a white truck. It appeared to hit two protesters before zooming off. One protester is on the ground
People attending to the injured man. There's blood near his head, but he is conscious and talking
A group is gathered at 47th and Burnside Portland, Oregon
Crowd is chanting and things are peaceful Portland, Oregon
Portland Police stationed outside the Penumbra Kelly building as protesters listen to speaker. They marched from Laurelhurst Park.
A group of a couple hundred people have marched from Laurelhurst Park here to the Penumbra Kelly Building. @fox12oregon
Tonight's crowd marching to the Penumbra Kelly building on East Burnside. The group seems slightly smaller than the past couple nights, but people are definitely energetic
Not many visible officers out currently. A handful each in the west and east parking lots respectively. And at least two officers on the roof
One person was injured. Medics on sight told me that person fell off a moving vehicle. Ambulance crews have arrived to provide treatment.
76th night of protests in Portland. Crowds are assembled in front of the Penumbra Kelly Building. Portland Police have a riot line securing the front of the building.
The Police spotlight is really focused on Garrison tonight, which find unsettling.
A couple hundred people outside the building chanting and banging on drums
One fun side effect of 75 night long uprising is that all police property in the city has every window and door covered in plywood. They have even boxed up the staue of a police dog that sits in front of the MCSO. One might view this as a sign of the department's popularity
Antifa militant brings their sex toys for show and tell with Portland PD
Projectiles were thrown at officers and they fired crowd control munitions. May have hit the girl who was yelling at them in the previous video. saw her on the ground, then others helped carry her away
Then they rushed people again, but didn't push them very far
Portland, Oregon . State & local police rush a crowd of less than 100 protesters outside of the North precinct. It is unclear why this most recent rush just occurred.
This truck, license plate 763 FZD, is full of police and is sitting behind the protest group on emerson and garfield
The police do a better job of blocking streets then the protesters. LRAD says leave vicinity of both precinct which
LRAD says we are still in the area of the precinct. We are way closer to PCC Cascade
Demetria Hester is back at the north precinct, she was arrested last night by Portland police. All of her charges were dropped earlier today
Portland Police made multiple arrests on the splintered crowd throughout the neighborhood.
Some protesters have made their way back to the North Precinct. Portland Police is still holding the line. Demetria Hester is on scene leading the chants.
Police are blocking the intersection of Vancouver and Killingsworth. They haven't said why. A group on the other side of the street was chanting "Peaceful protest" for a while
Police riot line at Killingsworth and Vancouver, with a small crowd behind them to the east, and a larger group in the street a block west
Driving away near Emerson and Vancouver Portland, Oregon
Officers coming from the west. Hard to follow dispersal orders to go west
The push continues. Portland Police did not execute as many arrests as last night. The protesters are pushed Westwards along Killingsworth St
On several occasions, this OSP state trooper verbally accosted members of the Press for filming too close to police.
Police use smoke, a few run after protestors, two officers use the sidewalk instead of street and push press out the way as they run past
Some smoke and lots of sprinting. This reporter hates running
Oregon state police officer gives this reporter an arrest warning.
Portland Police has just pushed protesters away from the North Precinct. They executed several dynamic pushes and made arrests.
More of the push down killingsworth.
Killingsworth and Commercial more flashing lights that way. They turned around by the time we got there. Air smells a little spicy, but it did yesterday too and PPB said they didn't use countryside gas last night
Police encourage protestors to walk faster
Police bull rushed and pushed protestors out of the area Portland PD
Police disperse protestors Portland, Oregon
Officers clearing the street pushed people and pepper sprayed at least one person. Looks like one of the people in the hand-holding group I tweeted about may have been arrested
Some people being detained by police. @fox12oregon
Officers moved in from several directions and started arresting people in Portland, Oregon
Lots of water bottles, eggs, etc. being thrown
Unlawful assmebly declared, use of force and tear gas warning
Caution tape got cut. LRAD warning people to stop throwing eggs at officers and to move away from those who are
Portland Police has just declared an illegal assembly. Crowds are told to disperse North.
These officers names are LOW and SHORT. Portland, Oregon
Eggs getting thrown at troopers Portland, Oregon
Looks like there's currently a drone and a plane (second lit up object) overhead. The plane is circling. Drone is sort of hovering near crowd
74 days of mass demonstrations Portland, Oregon
At least a couple hundred people gathered outside of the @PortlandPolice North Precinct.
This may be an attempt by Portland police to de-escalate. There only about 20 police officers visible and about 200 protestors
Crowd stepping over the downed caution tape and yelling at troopers
So there's the fire Portland, Oregon
Portland Police has just warned against individuals throwing eggs at officers. The crowd is smaller compared to previous nights, police have not declared an illegal assembly yet.
The crowd is marching down Killingsworth.
The front of the precinct police Portland, Oregon
When Governor Brown sent in OSP it was stated that it was to support a withdrawal of federal fleeces. It is interesting that they are just replacing the PPB for protest policing
Protestors stand outside the north precinct, yellow caution tape separates them and Portland police in riot gear
Police officers will somtimes use a pulsing light setting, protestors often object to this particular way to use the flashlight
Crowd is continuing to chant at officers. Police haven't gotten any closer to group. They remain separated by caution tape
Cop vehicles shining lights on protestors, meanwhile the LRAD announces that protestors need to stop shining lights at officers. double standard much Portland
Police LRAD warns protestors to stop throwing things at officers, tells protestors to move away from those protestors that are throwing things
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