30 November 2021
MosierCreekFire in the Columbia River Gorge. The wildfire has burned hundreds of acres since starting yesterday and forced numerous evacuations1 year ago
MosierCreekFire in the Columbia River Gorge. The wildfire has burned hundreds of acres since starting yesterday and forced numerous evacuations
The fire started late yesterday afternoon, just 2 miles off I-84. It quickly grew hundreds of acres. It's burning along Mosier Creek Road, hence the name MosierCreekFire. Mosier is about 5 miles east of Hood River.
The fire is burning heavily through some forested area, but it's threatening 300 homes. Video shows at least one structure burning, but there's no official number as to how many have burned.1 year ago
The fire is burning heavily through some forested area, but it's threatening 300 homes. Video shows at least one structure burning, but there's no official number as to how many have burned.
Portland Police shared three photos from their response overnight at the Justice Center in downtown Portland. - Police declared a riot shortly after midnight - Several arrests were made - Police used countryside gas/crowd control munitions
The ripped tires on the Timbers Army medic truck.
Portland police used tear gas at the justice center and continued too several blocks away
Portland Police slash the tires of the Timbers army
Riot policemen hop on vans at 5th & main to presumably follow protesters. At this point it seems like there are more press than protesters left, which is telling and sad. Regroup at JC portlandprotests
Another dispersal by riot policemen this time on 5th & main. One member of PPB yells "DONT follow us
A police riot line is formed at the end of the concert hall.
The policemen shoot teargas at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.
Here's policemen shooting munitions at the sky before they trapped Press in the stairwell to disperse them from the crowd
Police and troopers were getting ready to leave when they got into a shoving match with some people. It looks like one trooper punched someone in the head (they were wearing a helmet). Then they pepper sprayed someone else
Chapman Park is throughly teargassed, also the surrounding streets.
PPB appear to mace a member of the press and then mount riot van and peal off.
Police repeatedly shove elderly man, who has to be in his 60s at least. this is the same man they shoved into a car earlier
Another bull rush, multiple people knocked over
The protesters marched back to Justice Center where riot policemen awaited them. Teargas shot into the air
Police bull rush protestors Portland, Oregon
The police again slash the tires of a van, one had not seen earlier at the protest and one do not believe was involved in the demonstration.
Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese near the Justice Center on SW 2nd.
Shooting pepper balls at Broadway and Park
At this point the police declared a riot, threw some smoke, and drove off.
The crowd turned north. Police try and fail to chase two people down
The Elk Statue and parks, as heavily tear gassed
An arrest on some stairs near Park and Main
The milkshaked officer pointing their riot gun at random people
Police disperse protestors using smoke and billy clubs
The police keep their distance from their own smoke
The police just charged out and fucked some people up. A lot of punches to the head tonight.
Police move in and disperse protestors
Police in smoke pushing people west.
Portland Police assault and arrest someone that has fallen down. A smoke grenade is deployed.
Riot van showed up. Police start using violence.
Ri is treating tear gas victims while I record the policemen. They have pushed the crowd up to 5th
Currently on 3rd & main Portland, Oregon
A smaller crowd has assembled between the Justice Center and Hatfield federal courthouse. There are still declarations of a riot being made
The police gas the shit out of the Justice Center once more
A cop throws a stun grenade into a crowd of people then the police rush forward again, using smoke grenades along the way
Crowd regrouped just in time for teargas round two
The police advance and begin to deploy tear gas
Tear gas clouds throughout the park blocks Portland, Oregon
Police heading toward the crowd on SW 2nd.
The Portland Police are attacking
Police are making an announcement that criminal activity is happening near the courthouse & needs to stop. People are walking towards the voice
Police used massive tear gas Portland, Oregon
As the front line mounts up for photo ops, the police appear to be moving ppl (prisoners) from The JC to the parking lot. The crowd forms on 2nd. DJ LRAD declares the assembly unlawful and starts threatening war crimes
Looks like there is a shift change going on at the Justice Center.
Protesters on SW 2nd & Madison near the police station entrance.
Kendrick Lamar, in the lull between LRAD warning and dispersal
Unlawful assembly declared, protestors are listening to ludacris and waiting for police to come out
Pushing people to the parks Portland, Oregon
Fireworks popping off from time to time.
Police are announcing that people need to immediately "disperse from the area". koin6news PDX PNW Portland Oregon rosecity
Protestors throw as water ballon with paint at police officer, a protestor throws a firework at feet of police, police throw smoke back
Riot policemen move in Portland, Oregon
Police reinforce their line Portland, Oregon
The police are back. The battle line of protesters has reformed
Officers used stun grenades then got milkshakeed. did not get the milkshaking but you can see the after math and the policemen defend against water bottles
Police telling the crowd to move north. Portland, Oregon
Police moving down SW 2nd saying to protesters that this is still an unlawful assembly
LRAD getting totally drowned out by protesters superior soundsystem and "Born In The USA" and leaf blowers
The crowd makes a turn, officers follow. Police keep pushing protesters and press even though it's impossible to move forward at times.
An officer shoves someone that tries to pick up a smoke grenade. Other officers get pulled by into the line.
The PPB mobile command center just arrived to the scene of the shooting
Portland Police are investigating a shooting at NE 115th & Sandy Blvd. at an apartment complex. Police say one victim is being treated—but there's no word yet on the severity of injuries.
At least 1 person is hurt following a shooting in NE Portland.
Some of the police stationed in the east parking lot Portland, Oregon
A few officers and the LRAD are across from the protesters
The group has moved from its original spot to this side of the building where we can see police vehicles with lights on.
The bulk of the crowd has moved down to the vehicle pool entrance in front of the MCSO to start chanting. Energy has picked up a bit
People are still out chanting in front of the building.
There are a few moms in the crowd. Portland Protests
Protesters have gathered outside of the Penumbra Kelly Building in SE Portland.
Ambulance arrived but a couple people were upset that (they said) the ambulance had been sitting a couple blocks away for several minutes while the man was bleeding. Other people in the group got them to back off so the EMT could help the injured man
Kind of quiet out here. Snack Van 2 is here (with driver standing on top at one point). Gary Floyd, who has frequently held the megaphone the last couple nights, is leading chants of "Black lives matter" and "Say his/her name."
Police came over to help the injured man. One officer asked, "So if I get AMR (ambulance) in here are you guys gonna be nice to 'em" Protesters answered of course, they like ambulances
Mans has been on the mic chanting for 40 straight minutes. The police have stayed in the parking lot. The People remain in the street
There was an encounter between protesters and a white truck. It appeared to hit two protesters before zooming off. One protester is on the ground
People attending to the injured man. There's blood near his head, but he is conscious and talking
A group is gathered at 47th and Burnside Portland, Oregon
Crowd is chanting and things are peaceful Portland, Oregon
Portland Police stationed outside the Penumbra Kelly building as protesters listen to speaker. They marched from Laurelhurst Park.
A group of a couple hundred people have marched from Laurelhurst Park here to the Penumbra Kelly Building. @fox12oregon
Tonight's crowd marching to the Penumbra Kelly building on East Burnside. The group seems slightly smaller than the past couple nights, but people are definitely energetic
Not many visible officers out currently. A handful each in the west and east parking lots respectively. And at least two officers on the roof
One person was injured. Medics on sight told me that person fell off a moving vehicle. Ambulance crews have arrived to provide treatment.
76th night of protests in Portland. Crowds are assembled in front of the Penumbra Kelly Building. Portland Police have a riot line securing the front of the building.
The Police spotlight is really focused on Garrison tonight, which find unsettling.
A couple hundred people outside the building chanting and banging on drums
One fun side effect of 75 night long uprising is that all police property in the city has every window and door covered in plywood. They have even boxed up the staue of a police dog that sits in front of the MCSO. One might view this as a sign of the department's popularity
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