Map. History of Oregon conflict

6 May 2021
Fire crews are responding to a fire on Skyline Blvd. where several vehicles are fully engulfed in flames. s here as info comes in:
Portland: Fire enroute to southbound I-5 near Terwilliger Blvd exit, report of smoke and visible fire in the grass near the freeway, expect delays #pdxtraffic
Deputy enroute says he can see smoke coming from the top of NW Logie Trail Road, location with motorhome fire may be near NW Logie Trail/Skyline Blvd, expect delays and please #AvoidTheArea
Multnomah County: Fire and Deputies enroute to unknown location on Skyline Blvd, report of a motorhome on fire with someone possibly inside, fire extending into the trees, location is known to be unfriendly to first responders
Portland: Fire responding to a report of a port-potty on fire with someone possibly still inside, NW 8th/Couch, expect delays in the area #pdxtraffic
Firefighters just extinguished a brush fire off Newland Road in Wilsonville. Thanks to the alert delivery driver who called 911. Our crews from Mountain Road Station 57 arrived within minutes and extinguished the fire in less than 5 minutes. Investigator is headed to the scene
Portland Police making an arrest following the arson attack on the PPA building
Portland civil unrest has been declared a riot
Police declared a riot for the second night in a row, this time after dozens marched to the Portland Police Association building in North Portland where police say a fire was lit and fireworks shot at the building
Crowds departed from the Portland Police Association Building as police arrived on scene. At least one protester was arrested in the dispersal action
For the second night, a riot is being declared by @PortlandPolice. A fire was set to a door at the Portland Police Association building on North Lombard. The name of Daunte Wright is now sprayed on the side of the building
Riot declared Portland
A riot has been declared in Portland OR. Riot policemen are on the scene
[email protected] say they've arrested one person. @PDXFire still on scene
Abolition activists set fire to the Portland police association building
A crowd in Portland has lit a fire at the headquarters of the local police union
Another angle of fire set by portland antifa
Firefighters have put out the fire on the Portland police association building
[email protected] just arrived at the PPA building and are putting out the fire.
Abolitionist protesters started a fire at the Portland police association building
Abolition protestors are at the Portland Police association building in north Portland Portland police have announced that they need to move off the roads and out of the area, they issue use of force warning
Protesters have just arrived in front of the Portland Police Association Building. Police have given their first warning via LRAD. Fireworks explode overhead
Police: Suspects cut through fence, damage police vehicles in north Portland
The crowd threw street side garbage bins to into the road to cover their retreat. Police cars slowly rolled over the garbage.
Police violently attack press and throw a protestor to the ground
A riot has been declared, Portland police backup arrives and they push protesters West on Burnside
Most people have been cleared from the area but police are driving in every direction. You can also catch part of an exchange between and office and a demonstrator in this clip
Portland OR at the protest for Daunte Wright
A protester appears to get a tear gas canister stuck in their mask or something at the end of this rush.
Neighbors recycling cans that were put out for collection were torched and destroyed. Mess now left in the street
The glass doors of The First Covenant Church have been smashed. It's just down the street from the Kelly building
Police disperse protestors out of the area
Riot declared in Portland. Here's a scene from the east side. neighbors pleading for the destruction to stop. After tonight's vigil for Daunte Wright, a crowd of 250 started lighting fires & throwing rocks at @PortlandPolice
Here's how things look right now after @PortlandPolice pushed the crowd back from the Penumbra Kelly Building to Burnside and Cesar Chavez. PPB has already declared this a riot.
Portland Police has just declared a riot. Officers are dispersing protesters West, they have executed two bullrushes, deployed flashbangs & impact munitions
Police Bull rush protestors, pushing them to the ground and bear macing them
Short standoff between each push
Here's a closer look at the fire. A neighbor tried to put it out with their hose but it's still burning
Another fire built on the street. This is less than half a block from Kelly building. We see a lot of glass in the street too
Portland Police used crowd-control munitions and rushed the rioters
Antifa stole some sort of plaque or trophy from the MCSO
Police are continuing to push the group back down Burnside.
Portland OR right now
Currently in Portland OR
Police move in to disperse the crowd we're hearing flash bangs and smoke bombs
Police come out to inspect multiple windows broken by protestors This has not been declared an unlawful assembly Police tell protestors not to come onto the property
Group shoots fireworks, sets fires outside Penumbra Kelly building
Police throw a flashbang at protesters. Protestors have thrown fireworks back
Portland fire near Penumbra Kelly Building
Protestors stuff a police smoke canister inside an ornament from the sheriffs building and throw it back at the police line
After some in the crowd threw rocks through the precinct windows, a group of officers came out and shot some crowd-control munitions, then retreated
Portland police have declared an unlawful assembly
Unlawful assembly is declared. You can barely hear it over the crowd
Police are firing impact munitions, a protestor holds out an impact round he picked up from the floor
Group starts fires, throws objects near Kelly Penumbra building, police say
Dumpster has been set on fire
Police just rushed out of the MSCO in Portland
Police rush out.
Police tried to advance towards Antifa but went back after having many projectiles thrown at them
Police rush out to clear the parking lot, protestors are pushed back onto the street. No arrests, no unlawful assembly. Police use two Smoke canisters
Portland Police:A crowd of about 200 have gathered near the Kelly Penumbra building. Projectiles including bottles, rocks and large fireworks have been thrown at police. Windows have been broken
Portland Police:Multiple warnings have been provided to the crowd regarding force or munitions being used if the criminal behavior does not cease. Fires have been lit. Traffic is impacted in both directions on East Burnside Street near 47 Ave
Portland Police officers are responding to the MCSO windows being broken. Officers deployed flashbangs. More fireworks fly onto property
Things are definitely heating up quite a bit outside the Multnomah County Sheriff's office in Portland, OR. Several hundred protesters are here in the name of Daunte Wright
3 week ago
Fire crews are responding to a brush fire near Baker Road south of Sherwood. According to callers an agricultural burn got out of control and was fueled by dry winds. Fire crews are working with our water tenders to line the fire and keep it away from structures
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