22 January 2022
Portland Police declared a riot last night outside the Portland Police Association on North Lombard. From what I can tell on a live stream of the protest, it looks like police did use tear gas, or something similar, to clear the crowd.
Being moved back again from earlier
This is what the Portland Police used as the justification to declare a riot and deploy horrendous violence against a crowd. A cop knocked a protester's phone into the window of the Police Union building, breaking its window
This guy was real into aiming for heads from earlier
Street party vibe happening now
Based on my 7/4 experience, they think "a safe distance" is nearly a block away
back at Lombard. It's like every time folks peaceably assemble on this block, police declare a riot
Police push protesters north off Lombard onto Fenwick Avenue
A protester wearing a mask tells people to go home as police hold the line
Several arrests have been made tonight on Lombard St. Portland Police has since pushed the crowd into the residential areas of North Portland
Police move protesters east on Lombard
Police declare a riot Portland, Oregon
Many are not dispersing per the lawful order. They are subject to arrest, force, tear gas or impact weapons. Leave now
Riot declared, third tear gas warning
The police have moved up and arrested somebody for unclear reasons
LBRAD is back. Since traffic is not being blocked in any way that constitutes a hazard, this order is still legally suspect
For no real reason, the LRAD guy declares that people are not allowed to be on the street anymore. He promises to fuck the crowd up if they stay in the road
Some activists approach one of the only policemen actually wearing a face mask. They ask him if he will be arresting his coworkers, as it is presently illegal to be unmasked in situations where social distancing is impossible
A tear gas warning has been given. Leave the area of Lombard and Campbell immediately
One activist walks down the police line with photos of her son, asking the police if they'd brutalize him the way they have many protesters. One female cop finds this too much to bear, and pulls away from the line, overwhelmed by either shame or anger
Selective arrests being made on Lombard. Crowd started to move out of street and when officers returned to the sidewalk, people returned to the street. Lombard is open to vehicular traffic; get out of the street or you are subject to arrest, force, or munitions
Caught on camera, a vicious flashlight assault by Portland Protesters.
North Portland, Oregon, USA. On North Lombard Street.
Warnings to clear Lombard's roadway
Contractors are installing plywood over the PPA building's windows. I wonder who will be paying for this as the PPA is a private building. The LRAD guy just yelled at us because someone threw a water bottle. I suspect this will be used as the justification for horrible violence
Police are announcing that an object was thrown at 10:50pm striking a construction worker, this video shows an object at 10:50pm
Portland protest day 46
North Lombard Street between the Heavenly Donuts shop and the Portland Police Association building.
Protesters have new standing on the street across from police for about 2 hours now, outisde the police union building in north Portland
Police outside the police union building in north Portland
"We've done a great job in Portland" (Oregon), which was "totally out of control," according to @POTUS
No "crowd control munitions" to pick up, also no marshmallows (sad). This was at the Elk Statue just after 1AM this morning
Pushed to west side of 3rd trumpet battle horn in background not of this video but encouraging me as I type
This was just announced by PPB: Portland Police are securing the area near SW 3rdAve and SW Main St because of a fire. Smoke is entering the Justice Center creating a hazard for all persons inside.
The fire was the size of something in a firepit. This was over
Cops backed into their hole by the crowd. So tense. The police 100% started this. Crowd was done and leaving ten minutes ago. I literally watched people run back who had left to defend their friend from the police. The night was done, the fire was fine.
Announcements increasing from PPB: "Move away now. If you remain in the area & show the intent to engage in physical resistance to removal or if emergency circumstances require you may be subject to the use of force including riot control agents".
The (dwindling) crowd is gathered around the plywood fire at 3rd & Main
A protester who gives out free joints @jointfairypdx is escorted out of the park
Plywood pile, plywood fire Portland, Oregon
in Portland: Liquor store has been broken into around the corner from where the protests are taking place. No one was on scene
Mayor Ted Wheeler: We are more than a month and a half into witnessing nightly violence on our streets. Portland continues to be used as a staging ground for violence night after night
Protesters hold the speaker that Donavan LaBella held last night when he was shot in the head with an impact munition by federal officers in front of the federal courthouse
Police peeking out of the JC
A murder hole on the police headquarters opens up, and the crowd helps make sure the officers inside are properly illuminated
Fires burn at the base of the elk
In Portland Antifa rioters ignite fires in the recently desecrated elk statue fountain
A protester lies face down with their hands behind their back on the stump of the elk as fires rage beneath
Chants of "all policemen are bastards" in front of the federal courthouse
ACAB chant, with trumpet accompaniment
Protesters are calling for justice for Donavan LaBella. He was hit by an impact munition while holding a music speaker & standing across the street from the federal courthouse building Saturday
Protesters have started a bonfire at the site where the elk statue used to be on SW Main
Vibe feels more unified than prev nights to JC/FC parks. that WWII monument is wheat posted w posters (Riot Ribs line in back); scene at Elk Firepits; Colonizer Family w new text including "Life is Sacred" and "OOPS;" Dominique Dunn & Shai'India Harris memorials
There is a crowd of around 50-100 gathered in the park across from the Federal Courthouse building
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