25 January 2022
Assisted @PortlandPolice with removing trespassers from Chapman and Lonsdale parks. Both parks are badly damaged and will need extensive restoration
At least one arrest outside the Multnomah County Courthouse, with police tackling somone on a bike. At 5am, PPB declared the parks outside the federal courthouse and Justice Center closed, even to journalists.
Portland Police officers knock a protester off of his bicycle and arrest him outside of Lownsdale Square Park near the Federal Courthouse downtown
Seeing some arrests happening in Lownsdale Park in downtown Portland. Portland Police have cleared Lownsdale and Chapman Square of protesters, near the Federal Courthouse.
Portland Police say that both parks by the Federal Courthouse have been cleared. Still a group of protesters gathered on SW 4th and Salmon in Downtown Portland
Police say everyone has left Chapman Square Park and Lownsdale Square Park. Officers have taken at least two people into custody
After a series of small incidents of infighting, peace and calm has returned to CLAT. Law enforcement has remained silent thus far tonight, and the crowd remaining here are quietly enjoying conversations or listening to music
Shooting Investigation Underway in Eliot Neighborhood in the 3500 block of Northeast Martin Luther King Boulevard
The bonfire grow larger. The crowd have gathered around.
Something sung to the tune of Nelly's "Hot In Herre."
And they're having themselves a little flag burning.
Nightly fire at the former base of the stag statue. It is extra hot tonight.
While a fed pulled out real aggressive he pulled a gun on us and scanned with it. He almost hit someone.
People are really gathering at this spotlight
There is a laser vs flashlight fight going on.
Light shining down from federal courthouse
About 100-150 people have gathered near the Justice Center & the Federal Court building off SW 3rd. Speeches are underway and some barricades were placed in the street earlier by protesters.
A small portion of the speeches being given on 3rd and Main
This speaker asks for prayers and energy for Donavan LaBella, the protester feds shot in the head:
Several hundred people at SW 3rd & Main in Portland, Ore. tonight. Seemingly more numbers than last night, their chants louder and more focused than other nights
A crowd forms around some people giving speeches at 3rd and Main
People giving speeches, about 100-150 here
Militarized Federal Agents from a patchwork of outside agencies have begun policing Portland (in rented minivans vans) without the explicit approval of the mayor, the state, or local municipalities.
Police removing barricade at S.W. 3rd.
Officers marching down Third Ave, not Salmon. Here is them dismantling a barricade 3rd and Madison amidst teargas.
Amidst teargas, officers dismantle a barricade on Salmon and Main.
Federal officers marching down Salmon Street, using stun grenades, pepper bullets, and lots of teargas.
Teargas thrown by Federal Officers fills the Portland streets on Wednesday morning
At 3:53 AM Teargas is used in the streets of Portland.
The rest of the vehicles and federal officers seemingly leave. As we will see, this is not actually the case.
Some officers with gas masks came out of the building those two unmarked vans went into.
Closer up look at some of officers out in the streets
More vehicles and some officers head out. One officer decides to shoot some pepper bullets at people.
@PDocumentarians and @hungrybowtie were both there for tonight's late tear gas and shooting
Wednesday Morning Tear Gas and Federal Officers Thread. Feds we're spotted with the vans they have been riding in to arrest people.
If you've heard rumors about people getting snatched in minivans, they are true.
The crowd is very tense right now. Here is some footage of what happened
This is the new barricade on Salmon
Here's the gray van. Someone told license plates CHU 456. It had camo policemen in it and they are allegedly jumping out and grabbing people
So many of these cars out now. some going East on Madison and some going North on 4th
A Black protester started a fire on Salmon. You can hear other Black protesters arguing with the fire starter in this video
And then they jumped back on their riot van and left
Moved to Madison because there are some camo police peeking over this wall
Portland's 2nd attempt at their own CHOP is underway
A little fire at the former base of the stag statue. About 150-200 people in the area still
Would you like a barricade tour This one is on Salmon. "F**k RCJ."
Captured one of them with some light behind them so it's easier to see
Spotted some feds hiding in the bushes of the Wyatt federal building. I have the video centered on an arm of one of them who decided to go super stealth mode when he noticed me recording
Most people are in the parks hanging out and having a chill evening. Some barricades came up. Protester on megaphone is is telling feds to release protesters, calls charges based on entrapment, calls for charges to be dropped against protesters
Federal police came out and arrested one person, protesters tell
About 250 people in the parks and street around the Justice Center. Some folks giving speeches on a megaphone.
Crossed paths with this small crowd, on my way to the downtown protest at the Justice Center. They were in Pioneer Square and they're marching east, across the Morrison bridge
The RCJ crowd is marching around the Justice Center. They have a very different vibe. There's still a small group of JC regulars at 3rd & Main now, and then everyone who's in the park with Riot Ribs
A small march from Pioneer Square just arrived and is occupying the section of Main Street between the Justice Center and Courthouse
Thread for the Tuesday July 14th protests in Portland. at Lownsdale Park, across from the Federal Courthouse and Justice Center.
Detectives are still processing the scene of the shooting in the 300 blk of Oswego Pointe Dr.
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