28 November 2021
Portland: police responding to NE 185/Marine Drive, report of 4 people fighting near the slough and possible gun shots
Portland Fire & Rescues are at the scene of a Natural gas line break near SW 26th and Boundary St. There gas is not threatening any structures but crews have evacuated a few houses as a precaution. NW Natural is responding to the scene. Please avoid the area
Rappers Noshu & Zion rap to the accompaniment of trumpet man as officers secure the street after making arrests
Portland: Antifa tank division arrives at the Federal Courthouse, hope @DHSgov is prepared
Protest artists freestyle to retreating police
Portland Police has arrived again. Officers charged the crowd in what looks like targeted arrests
Portland Police Rapid response team officers chased down another person and effected another targeted arrest the riot van
Portland Police are also working a shooting investigation right in South East Portland, per KOIN local news. "A heavy police presence was seen in the 5500 block of SE 82nd Avenue around 10:30 p.m. A witness told KOIN 6 News they heard as many as 10 shots fired
Police investigate reports of gunfire in SE Portland in the 5500 block of SE 82nd Avenue
Second trash fire of the night is out Portland, Oregon
Most of the protesters have moved to the PPB entrance on SW 2nd.
Another fire has been started - this time near the sidewalk Portland, Oregon
Portland is back to rioting and setting fires again
Still of Riot policemen outside the Injustice center in Portland blocking the intersection as a fire crew puts out a street fire at the nightly protests
Police continue to ask people to clear the street & move to the sidewalk. Portland, Oregon
Crews from @PDXFire are successful in putting out the flames. koin6news PDX PNW Oregon
Portland: the first night after the security barrier was removed from the federal courthouse Antifa began protesting once again in the vicinity and began lighting fires A rapid response team came to put it out. Antifa seem emboldened by the removal
The LRAD moving closer for announcements - asking people to clear the street so the fire can be put out.
Crowds cheered as fire department personnel arrived. Firefighters put out the bonfire. Portland Police Officers have since departed
Protesters cheer for the fire fighters Portland, Oregon
A squad of Portland Police Rapid Response Team officers have arrived riot van to secure the intersection where a bonfire
Police announcing that protesters need to allow @PDXFire to put out the trash fire.
Riot police come out and block the intersection out side the Portland justice center
Portland Police:To those around the fire in the intersection of SW 3rd Ave and SW Main St: Do not interfere with firefighters or officers as the fire is addressed
Police give warning that firefighters are on their way, tells protestors not to interfere
Fire lit in the street outside Justice Center tonight. Police have ordered a group to clear the street for traffic
8 displaced in Forest Grove mobile home fire at the Rose Grove Mobile Home Community in the 3800 block of Pacific Avenue
Portland protest day 125
PPB announcing: "To those gathered around the Justice Center on SW 2nd Avenue: All streets are open to vehicular traffic. You must immediately vacate the roadway and proceed to the sidewalk."
First warning from Portland Police of the night, in response to a bonfire being built. "Stop stoking the fires."
A speaker on a PA is telling people to be aware, saying. "This is ground zero & it can get very dangerous"
Looks like about 25 gathered so far. Some are chanting "No Justice. No Peace".
At the Justice center downtown, where a crowd of around 50 has gathered behind the building. Around front, a pallet fire starts in the street PortlandProtests
Fire & crowd has grown - around 40 - 50 people near the Justice Center. Portland, Oregon
There is a crowd assembled behind the Justice Center in downtown Portland. The crowd is listening to music & playing soccer right now
A small group has started a fire in the middle of SW 3rd near the Justice Center.
Police are announcing that people should clear the street & stop "stoking the fire" or face arrests.
Meanwhile BLM protesters in Portland get arrested and assaulted for standing in front of a police station on a rarely used street at 11 PM
Police: Man arrested in connection with deadly shooting at downtown Portland hotel
The witness says she saw two people taken away on a stretcher. Their condition is unknown at this time.
Photographer @Matt_KOIN counted around 21 evidence markers in the gas station parking lot.  The witness believes the shooting took place outside.  Police have not commented yet.1 year ago
Photographer @Matt_KOIN counted around 21 evidence markers in the gas station parking lot. The witness believes the shooting took place outside. Police have not commented yet.
A witness tells us she heard at least 5-6 shots ring out near the gas station. She says police showed up about 5 minutes later
Police in Gresham are investigating a shooting that left multiple people injured.1 year ago
Police in Gresham are investigating a shooting that left multiple people injured.
DHS & US Marshal behind the gates of the ICE facility tonight. There is an ok crowd size, but there is definitely no DA going on. Police are relaxin, chillin all cool
A few more riot policemen come out to escort some vehicles into the ICE facility PortlandProtests The coppers seem pretty lackadaisical tonight
Not a lot happening except officers occasionally coming out of the gate fully armed to escort private vehicals (eyes) out the ICE gate PortlandProtests
So US Marshal came out and turned on the giant tear gas gun to 'test it' behind the gate - but nothing came out, we could just hear the motors - then casually left it next to this post apparently unmanned.
Off-duty deputy interprets for deaf crash victim at Northeast Airport Way and Glenn Widing Drive
25 people stood at the ICE building last night; among them nearly half were medics & members of the Press. Aftr emerging several times armed Federal officers in riot gear waited until Press and others left before making one, targeted & violent arrest
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