22 September 2021
Correction: it was a moderate injury that was being treated by officer medics
The backside of the Justice Center has been cleared and there odes appear to be an arrest being made
And the flag is on fire Portland protests
Portlandprotest day 19 This crowd ar justice center is about 200
This is the 19th consecutive day of demonstrations. Earlier there was a march on the Fremont bridge that drew crowd size in the thousands. This crowd ar justice center is about 200
This is the federal court Portland
Portland police officer "your asked to disperse, wearing the press does not give you the right to be here" Reporter @_jlevinson: "we're moving" Police: "you've been given warnings, so if you don't move faster your gonna go to jail" "So you want us to run?" "yes I do"
An arrest is made
Police move small crowd into downtown, some running towards them
Just walking backwards trying not to eat shit while filming a row of baton-wielding officers
Police push protesters west
Like 30 police officers sprinting at 2 unarmed teenagers who were literally just standing in the street.
Portland police just deployed a flashbang at journalist @DonovanFarley when he was standing by himself. His press credentials were clearly displayed. PortlandProtests
Police begin to clear protesters from Southwest 3rd and Taylor outside the Justice Center
Police declare a civil disturbance
Portlandprotest approaching day 19
Protesters are blocks away from the justice center, roaming downtown
Celebrations as the two groups of protesters meet in the pearl
By Pioneer Courthouse Square
Police walked protestors out of the park and into downtown
Police pushed everyone back. There was at least one flashbang. Also appear to have been shooting pepper balls. Got the crowd back to Salmon and Broadway area. they protesrers are saying regroup
Police cleared the justice center using flash bangs and smoke
Got shoved around and saw about 30 policemen bull rush two children. currently backed up to broadway.
Rioters in Portland hurl projectiles at police who are attempting to clear a street where an arson attack had occurred. Rioters don't want the fire truck to put out the flames.
Medics attending to protester who was shot in the head by PPB while standing west of broadway in an area that was NOT shut down by the dispersal order
A very Portland fire at SW 3rd and SW Taylor. PortlandProtest
Sw naito to Broadway and sw Lincoln to Harvey milk is closed. Telling people to leave.
An American flag lit on fire
Definitely trash. Firefighters just put it out
Returned to JC to see that protesters have abandoned the new fence in front of the justice center to congregate at the corner of 3rd and Main. Not sure if there's a reason other than habit
Portland police talk to protestors who throws water bottle
PortlandPolice tried to show goodwill to antifa by removing one of the "divisive" security barriers in downtown. Rioters responded by starting an arson attack in another area tonight
Police pushed everyone away from the fire at Taylor and 3rd. It was a bunch of trash cans. Firefighters on scene now
Sounds like it’s not a car, maybe just trash
Looks like a car on fire around the corner from the Justice Center. Police just showed up, telling everyone to move out of the way so the fire can be put out.
Umbrellas up. Police are shining lights at the crowd and some people in the crowd are shining flashlights back
Portland protests burning
PPB blocking off the block with the fire
Fire Portland protests
Queue the X-files theme song
A fire has started portlandprotest day 18
Police and demonstrators are only about 40 feet apart
Police are announcing warning for use of force for throwing projectiles every couple of minutes
Police officer shines light into crowd.
Portlandprotest day 18
"No good policemen in a Racist system"
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