25 January 2022
Shooting Investigation Underway in Cully Neighborhood the 6700 block of Northeast Killingsworth Street
The George Washington statue on NE Sandy in Portland Oregon has been pulled down and vandalized. Portland Police officers inspected the damage. Someone left a note and a few dollars on it next to the spray painted bronze.
A statue of George Washington has been pulled down with ropes at NE 57th & Sandy near the German American Society. koin6news
Police have arrived on scene & appear to be assessing the damage to the toppled statue.
At the protests at Apple store near SW 4th Ave
Even more showing up, only police and press are here at this point. George Washington is down. Portlandprotest
Police have just showed up. George Washington is down. Portlandprotest statue blacklivesmatter
When the alleged Nazi/Proud Boy guy on the bike was being chased out of the area, he dropped his little hat. up in flames. Portlandprotest statue blacklivesmatter
George Washington is down. Portlandprotest statue blacklivesmatter
Another flag burning, this time on George Washington's back. Portlandprotest statue blacklivesmatter
Fists in the air before a moment of silence
Protesters are moving west on SW Main
Protesters are moving north on SW 6th st
protesters are chanting Black Lives Matter and holding signs
At the Justice Center in downtown Portland
Here at the Justice Center in downtown Portland where a good number of protesters are chanting Black Lives Matter and holding signs
57th & Sandy if you wanna witness it for yourself — scene has complete cleared out except for neighborhood folks coming to take a peek
The nearly 100-year-old statue of George Washington in NE Portland has been pulled down. There are no police in the area. antifa BlackLivesMatter
Antifa rioters on Sandy Blvd. in Portland draped a US flag over a George Washington statue & set it on fire. They then toppled the statue. "Genocidal colonist" and "f— policemen" are sprayed on monument. Rioters have began to build another autonomous zone nearby
About 100 folks at 57th and sandy now. Barricade starting. One white lady from the neighborhood is mad
Everyone's ducking out right as a PPB car rolls by. Here's what's left
There a George Washington statue" then realized it's around the corner from me at 57th/Sandy. He stands by the German-American society.
It looks like a person dismantled a newspaper box from The Asian Reporter, a local minority owned newspaper, and added it to the items used for barricading the street
About 20-40 people are gathered around the statue and the banging sound continues..sounds like metal on metal
There appears to be people trying to set up a road barricade and I saw one person who was rolling this cement column down the street
Protesters are gathered outside the Justice Center chanting NoJusticeNoPeace .
Some folks Are gathering around a statue at 57th and sandy, looks like there's spray paint on the statue
People are chanting BlackLivesMatter. Some people have shaken the fence & sailed paper airplanes over the top.
Current scene at the Justice Center
Protesters cleared from 'autonomous zone' in Portland's Pearl District PDXprotests
Portland Police are cleaning up what was attempted to be an autonomous zone in the Pearl District. One protester was arrested. Traffic is impacted near NW10th and Glisan
Expect transit service delays in the Pearl as crews continue to remove debris here at 10th & Flanders.
@KATUNews 'Chopper 2' is over Portland's Pearl District as @PortlandPolice clear the debris from the 'Patrick Kimmons Autonomous Zone'
[email protected] say there was an attempt to make an autonomous zone in Portland and that failed last night.
Police have brought in Rapid Response team to clean barricade debris from 'Autonomous Zone' set early this morning in the Pearl District. Looks like most protesters have moved on, NW Glisan BLOCKED at 9th currently
PortlandPolice is clearing out an autonomous zone near the Mayors apartment. Demonstrators are calling this the PatrickKimmonsAutonomousZone. Kimmons was killed by police in October 2018.
Cameras caught @PortlandPolice tearing down the PKAZ barriers in Portland's Pearl District. These were set up overnight as an 'Autonomous Zone' reportedly outside Mayor @tedwheeler's condo. PPB: "Leave the area immediately or you are subject to arrest or force."
Portland Police clearing autonomous zone set up outside mayor's home.
Demonstrators have established the Patrick Kimmons Autonomous Zone outside Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler's condo.
Officers are clearing the closed area. Arrests are being made. Leave the area immediately or you are subject to arrest or force. Residents in the area shelter in place
@PortlandPolice just declared the PKAZ in Portland a "civil disturbance and unlawful assembly" in the Pearl District. Our @KATUNews cameras caught officers showing up. From PPB: "If you do not leave you are subject to arrest or use of force."
The protesters to move willingly. seeing tents still set up in the PKAZ in Portland's Pearl District. "The area of NW 11th east to NW Park Avenue and NW Irving south to NW Everett Street is closed."
Portland Police are moving in on protesters in the "Patrick Kimmons autonomous zone," which is reportedly outside Mayor Wheeler's residence. They've called it a civil disturbance and asked people to stay inside
This is the Portland Police. We are requesting Portland residents stay inside their residence and shelter in place
@PortlandPolice have declared a civil disturbance and unlawful assembly from NW 11th east to NW Park Ave and NW Irving south to NW Everett St.
1 year ago
Medford Police says they are investigating a shooting that happened on West Main Street overnight. They say a house had "a couple of bullet holes," but no one was hurt
Police identify man found dead after shooting in NE Portland 28-year-old DeAnnzello McDonald. Officers responded to the 600 block of Northeast 162nd Avenue early Thursday on reports of shots fired. Police say McDonald was found dead at the scene.
More barricades added in the street by Pho Van Fresh. Portland autonomouszone BlackLivesMatter SayHisName Floyd RoseCity
A look at the back of the Portland Autonomous Zone. autonomouszone BlackLivesMatter
In an unrelated note, somebody broke Sergio Olmos car window
Patrick Kimmons autonomous zone 2:56am, day 21
Patrick Kimmons autonomous zone in Portland street has a restroom
More wood to reinforce the fence
One more shot of south barricade scaffolding at 10th and Flanders
The Patrick Kimmons Autonomous Zone PKAZ in portland
One more barricade. Patrick Kimmons Autonomous Zone about 20 minutes ago
Patrick Kimmons autonomous zone
Protesters in Portland are trying to create their own autonomous zone right now. So far the zone is confined to a small section surrounding an intersection in the Pearl District. Appears to be much smaller than the Seattle zone
The Patrick Kimmons Automous Zone
About 200-300 people here, some manning the barricades
Police staging on Davis Portland, Oregon
The Patrick Kimmons Automous Zone barricade
A rumor went around that police were in their way, people have tensed up. Standing around waiting for them
Protests warns that there are "policemen coming"
Portland, Oregon protests. The barricades are being reineforced
No sign of police, barricades being reeinforced on all sides
Reinforcements have arrived
Portland protesters has a declared autonomous zone, the Patrick Kimmons autonomous zone. #PortlandProtests #PKAZ
Patrick Kimmons Automous Zone
The barricades are being reineforced
Protestors strengthing barricade
Crowds protesting around Mayor @TedWheeler 's home in the Pearl District while others are building barricades with planters and dumpsters
Makeshift barricades are going in on NW 10th & Glisan to form an autonomouszone .
4th street barricaded, Nw 10th and glisan
3rd street barricaded Nw Glisan and 10th
Another street barricaded. That makes 2
10th and NW flounders is being barricaded
Picnic Tables have been added to the barricade at NW 10th & Glisan. Speaker says, "Under no circumstance do we leave tonight." BlackLivesMatter
There are about 300-500 people here
9th and Glisan barricade
People are rolling in a dumpster on NW 10th & Glisan and others have set up folding chairs in the street. BlackLivesMatter
Protesters are honking car horns & chanting BlackLivesMatter. SayHisName
He didn't quite make it to Wheeler's floor
One protester: "We're not violent, but we're not fu**ing peaceful." "Make some noise."
Protesters step aside to let the streetcar through. The protesters are chanting "Black Trans Lives Matter".
Someone is announcing that for people's safety - they should "move inside the (area blocked by) cars"
Sol, talks about an upcoming march to federal courthouse to abolish ice
Hundreds of protesters are filling the block from NW 9th to 10th on Glisan. "Glisan Autonomous Zone" is written in chalk on one side and there are a couple tents. Calling this an occupy protest because their demands weren't met at the city budget vote and the Mayor lives here
Protesters gather in NW Portland outside mayor's reported home
People are chanting, "wake up" & are still flashing the building with lightsand a laser
A man has climbed onto the building's awning & appears to be looking into windows.
Portlandprotest day 20
Protesters are marching north on SW 10th. portlandprotest
Looks like the Justice Center group is finally arriving
"Who's streets" "OUR STREETS." At NW Glisan & 10th in the Pearl. PortlandProtests
And over in the Pearl, a crowd if at least 100 is camped out (literally. There are tents) in front of what's said to be Mayor Wheeler's home (our desk wasn't able to confirm). They have Glisan blocked between 9th and 10th
Protesters are marching down SW 10th in PDX.
The group is continuing down SW 10th near Sizzle Pie. SayHisName
The group is continuing down SW 10th SayHisName
Protesters have stopped in front of a building where they say Ted Wheeler lives. They are flashing the buildings with strobe lights & a green laser. SayHisName
Drivers getting out of their cars on I-5 to join the demonstrators during the seattleprotest
Portland, Oregon protests New Stop lights
New walk sign, who dis
Decent chunk of the group that marched from Revolution Hall is going to the Justice Center. This is a change from last night, when almost everyone stopped on the Fremont Bridge and then turned around and went back east
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