22 January 2022
1 year ago
1 injured in a shooting near OR-99 in Eugene, Oregon. The victim was shot in the leg and buttocks area, and police say he survived with non-life-threatening injuries.
Some photos of the federal agents in Portland tonight.
This is the antifa supersoldier the mainstream media warned u about
Police investigating shooting in NE Portland . officers went to the 6700 block of Northeast Killingsworth Street after gunshots were reported in the area.
The giant peace sign from earlier is getting burned. "No justice, no peace." one protester yells
Big fire going at the pedestal where an elk statue once stood in downtown Portland
There's a fire at the former elk statue. The crowd is still big. At least 300
Photographed this guy. He's not scared
Here we see the burning interior of the PPA building earlier tonight
The area where the Elk Statue once stood is a bonfire again. Riot Ribs is back in action. Sure seems like Portland's protesters are basically doing whatever the fuck they want in their city, feds be damned
A fire has started portlandprotests day 52
Car brought in to provide support to the speakers & singers
Wow, they really shot a flash bang right at a group of moms
More preposterous violence from the secret police
Shields lined up on SW 3rd. Speaker is telling people to stay ready for police response
It's been more than 50 days and the numbers are stronger than ever. The blatant police brutality and federal occupation of this city are radicalizing more and more people and I know we can win this fight
Protestors encircle somebody who brought an America flag to counter protest
Fed front door. Most of the crowd is next door at the JC
Protesters remain outside federal courthouse in Portland
Protester being hit repeatedly by feds earlier from @PDXzane
Here's a shield line on Salmon. Most shields are made out of plastic barrels and pool noodles. The crowd is spread out on 3rd, Salmon, and the northern park. It's at about 350,
"Weapons confiscated"
This is a collection of things federal police have shot at us tonight. They have not yet used rubber bullets or pepper balls yet, as far as I know
Members of antifa are using smoke bombs and fireworks to intimidate and provoke a response from DHS
Smoke bomb going at the base of the courthouse building.
Here's the longer version of the protester being struck repeatedly by federal police tonight in Portland
Loud flash bangs and this smoke, but no federal police are visible
The barricades are burning and the LRAD is warning the crowd not to breach or burn down the PPA office
Crowd bull rushed. I caught the end of the dispersal
And here are the hands of another person roughed by police
Police just cleared the crowd. I was running full speed easy and got pushed from behind by a PPB officer. Fortunately I just got scraped
I already have more than I can carry
Another tear gas attack. Federal police throw an explosive at a person wearing a white coat and carrying a Red Cross sign
Video from North Portland, where the police declared the gathering a riot a little before 11:30 p.m. ( by @FedorZarkhin)
The pioneer family statue got a splash of red paint near the Justice Center.
PPA on fire. Riot declared. Sirens coming from the west. Crowd moving East. Hearing some kind of shots
Riot declared about 40 minutes ago after several dumpsters were knocked over and two lit on fire. Police dispersed crowd to the east
Huge contingent defiantly marches back to the parks
Downtown Portland engulfed in tear gas as federal police emerge from courthouse
Dumperfires and LRAD are both present.
Incredibly chaotic scene right at federal courthouse in Portland
Protesters here at a residential complex at NW Glisan and 10th
About to call it a night. A parting shot of PPB officers blocking off fourth ave- with maybe 15 protesters still milling around
They're continuing to tell to leave the area. LRAD is pulling up to SW Morrison and 4th
Police continue to move protesters north on 4th
Portland Police continue to push people westward, purposely knocking folks onto the ground even as they are obeying police orders.
Portland Police sprint towards a crowd, knocking multiple people on to the cement road
Federal officers fire crowd control weapons at the feet of protesters as they are pushed north on 3rd Avenue
Federal Officers in Portland's streets.
These are not federal police. This is how Portand officers treat their own
Another advance in Portland, Oregon
Portland Police bull rush, trample people in the street
After chasing a crowd of a few hundred people across downtown, all the way over the 405, Police drive away on their riot van
Police have ordered protesters to disperse, protestors are holding fast
Portland Police charge and tackle more people as they cross over the 405 as per police orders.
Teargas deployed into Lownsdale Park.
Pdxprotests mounted up and cleared. Free again to go to the park
Police tow a protestors U-Haul. The tires were popped
Here's who they're marching towards
There's so much gas and smoke, it's becomes darkness on the intersection
Federal officer blanket the street with tear gas, the provocation looked like a water bottle thrown, this is about a block from the federal courthouse
The police push another person on to the road. Multiple officers command me to go on the sidewalk, which they legally are not allowed to do according to the TRO for press.
More teargas and stun grenades being used by Portland Police and Federal Officers
Portland's Chapman Park full of teargas.
People flee as police rush in and knock a man to the ground
These guys are pointing guns at every car and person in the area. Random car drives by Ten long guns aimed at them
Portland, Oregon protests
Police heading north on 4th at intersection of SW Salmon
Portland police officers move protesters south away from 4th and Salmon
PPB are arresting the uhaul drivers
"Crowd control munitions" update: this thing came out of the building across from the Justice Center very suddenly and exploded a few feet away from me. No one was hurt. Defense Technology 25 Tactical Distraction Device
This was found on the floor
Probably at least 300 people still here. Some chanting outside of justice center side door, some resting on park benches, some standing around a fire at the former elk statue
Fireworks explode under clouds of smoke
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