30 November 2021
[email protected]: Driver dies after crashing down embankment in Tillamook County
Chabad Center for Jewish Life damaged by fire this morning,
S Vermont St in Portland is blocked as crews battle a structure fire
Tabitha was put into the back of a white police van
Five Portland police vehicles and a van holding at least 20 standing officers were stopped on E. Burnside for Tabitha's arrest
Officers that had been standing on the van walked over and stood guard with other officers around Tabitha as she lay on the street
A person walked on the sidewalk closer to the officers to film Tabitha's arrest. An officer demanded they leave, then marched them away. "This is a riot. It's time to leave. We're not playing this game. You're not press. You're not media. You don't have a right to be here."
Three Portland police vehicles appeared with their lights on sped down Burnside. A police officer jumped from a fourth vehicle parked across the street and started chasing Tabitha, yelling "You're under arrest."
Shooting Investigation Underway in Lents Neighborhood at the 9300 block of Southeast Harold Street
A riot line forms, and officers try climbing over this outdoor dining area
Police charge forward again, not many people left in the street to rush.
Officers tackled a videographer @econbrkfst and knocked off his helmet, during enforcement actions earlier.
Portland Police briefly kettled protesters on two sides despite instructing crowds to move North.
The policemen start messing with some press people. Not the best angle, but you can see some aftermath & a press person retrieve some equipment from the street.
The crowd made a turn and got boxes in by the police. Neither the protesters nor police really knew what to do.
Police pushed the protest all the way to the corner of Stark and Sandy. Police keep riding by the group, which has not moved from the block even though the policemen left 10 minutes ago
Police left the crowd near Sandy and Oak. People were debating next moves for several minutes. Then police drove by again. There's also a dumpster on fire in the middle of the street. So that's at least four flaming dumpsters tonight by my count
Despite being chased all over SE Portland at this point, the dumpster fire persists
Police were not down with that plan
There were maybe 100 protesters up by the food carts. Crowd is on the move heading West
Police out in front of the Multnomah County office on Hawthorne. A front door window has been smashed. Witnesses say a bit of burning rubbish was tossed inside. Fire alarms in the building were on fire a moment
Fire inside Multnomah building out.. alarms still going off, broken windows, but it's out
Cop 37 shoves woman hitting her from behind in the head with baton, then hits her again in the face with baton while she is sitting on the ground
Back in the present, people still marching through the streets
After throwing some cones around the riot team leaves
As the crowd nears the area of the county building again, a team of riot police show up and march the crowd away.
More push by portland police portland protests
An officer approaches someone filming and commands them to leave.
Big push and lots of brutality by portland police Portland Protests on night 83
Dumpster is starting to reignite
More pushing. Crowd is pretty dispersed now. portland protests
The Portland Police enforcement continues. Officers break shields that have been dropped by fleeing protesters.
Police are surrounding building Portland, Oregon
Here's one arrest. Not sure if this shows it but he was yelling Black Lives Matter as he was being arrested
Police have the building surrounded. groups of people that gathered here walking all around the area. Police are following some crowds telling people to go home
Police are tackling and arresting people for having shields. Then pepper spray a young girl
A look at police surrounding Multnomah county building on Hawthorne near Grand
Fire set at Multnomah building after rocks were thrown throw window
An impromptu dance party on Hawthorne & 12th at the moment.
Crowd marched through neighborhoods for a while before reaching SE 12th and Hawthorne where someone asked if they wanted to go back to the "sheriff's office" (Multnomah Building). Crowd seems down with that, but spent a long time trying to figure out which way to walk
Riot declared outside Multnomah Building during 83rd day of protests in Portland
Portland Police a riot, chasing the crowds North. damage to the MSCO office on SE Hawthorne.
Police stop at 9th and Madison Portland, Oregon
An arrest. Police pepper spray someone in the face and yell at people to stay on sidewalks, brandishing pepper spray cannisters
Arrests and mace happening Portland, Oregon
Police pushing crowd down Hawthorne, pop snack van tires.
More this window was broken and some flaming debris was tossed in Portland, Oregon
Someone dropped a burning newspaper through the shattered window, but it looks like it went out
2nd & 3rd dumpster fire lit. There may or may not be a few other things happening as well
Two more on Grand and Hawthorne. just heard a window break
The group has blocked part of Hawthorne in front of the county building
Dumpster fire at 6th and Hawthorne Portland, Oregon
Crowd of at least 200 just marched to the Multnomah County building on SE Hawthorne and Grand chanting "No policemen. No prison. Total abolition."
Police seeking suspect accused of assaulting driver near downtown Portland protest
Portland Police have identified 25-year-old Marquise Love as a suspect in an assault in downtown Portland Sunday. The incident was associated with a white pickup truck. Videos of the assault were posted widely on social media.
Most of the crowd declined to march. Hester continued leading chants, but the group was down to 50-75 people by the time I left.
The crowd has assembled around Letha. There seems to be broad support for her plan to march on from the PPA.
Here's the roadblock at Lombard and Denver
Portland Police riot officers arrived on scene to inspect the PPA building to see if there were signs of forced entry. There is a brief stand off between officers and protesters. Officers have since departed.
A protester makes the interesting decision to carry the smoking grenade back into the crowd
People were shining flashlights at officers and telling them to quit their jobs
The Police retreat and throw a grenade. A protester throws it back. They light him and the crowd up with pepperballs. Then they drive off
Someone just walked through crowd yelling at the people in front of the PPA building. Dozens gathered around them and led them away from the area
One officer has failed to clean all the paint off his uniform. We are all so busy these days
Pictured: a PPB officer making no attempt to check the PPA building, and instead holding a riot line
The Police have arrived. As this shot starts, you can see the PPA building is intact and unmolested, save for some graffiti
Hundreds of protesters arrive at PPA building. They marched from Kenton Park
Police checking side of the building that was damaged. Crowd approaches officers
Here is a closer look at the backpack mounted sound system currently flowing over the crowd and PPA
No one by the building but the police. Not sure who has to move away
A driver in a van leans out of his window in front of the vehicle barricade and begins shouting Dominionist Christian slogans at protesters: "The devil is going to eat you alive. The kingdom of heaven is at hand."
The crowd sits back and awaits whatever is to come. A speech plays on very nice set of speakers.
The boards on the PPA building are getting a fresh coat of spray paint. Demonstrators have blocked two intersections of Lombard, but so far not much else is happening
The Portland Police suspect that people might be attempting to break into the PPA building. They tell people to stand clear of it on pain of arrest. Weird that this happened right as Joey showed up. The crowd's behavior did not seem to have changed
200+ people marching to the PPA building tonight. Chant "What do we want Justice. When do we want it Now.
With a warning that "eyes are behind us" the crowd turns onto North Lombard. Heavenly Donuts in the immediate horizon
A look at the crowd in front of the PPA building. A couple hundred people are here. There is a recording of a speech playing
Cars are blocking N Lombard at intersection with Denver Ave
Suspect at large after serious injury shooting in north Portland in the 7700 block of North Chautauqua Boulevard
At Kenton Park, in North Portland, where a hundred-ish people have gathered to engage in some sort of resistance to the local police. No idea what tonight will bring, but police were super violent this weekend and last night protesters at the 7/11 attacked a drunk driver
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