22 January 2022
Munitions recovered from the Portland protest at the ICE facility on Inauguration Day
Federal agents in Portland, using a strobe light to cause a protester to have a seizure and then refusing to let medics attend that person
Evening Protest Events in Portland - Arrests in South Waterfront
After the feds advanced on the Portland crowd and unleashed the tear gas, someone pulled a Biden for President flag out and the crowd burned it on the street
These policemen god some bad aim. Second story house. Portland, Oregon
It has begun to rain and most protesters have left the area (some nursing injuries). Signing off from Southwest Portland with this photo of a lone protester holding up a banner toward the ICE facility reading "SILENCE = VIOLENCE." Night.
A neighborhood resident looks out from their apartment window. A group of police officers in riot gear stands on the sidewalk below
Hours After Biden Inauguration, Federal Agents Use Tear Gas in Portland
DHS gassing hospital employees with toxic chemicals that irritate the lungs. during a respiratory pandemic.
Police just came out of no where to arrest a random individual. They mace them on the ground as the arestee yells "what did I do"
Portland blocks filled with tear gas as protestors push through
Portland Police mace a Protester on the ground, already detained, and surrounded by policemen. Why What was the point other than to cause harm
Riot cops from ppb push in back feds moved back towards ice... There's Been four or five extremely tear gassy pushes.
Federal officers clash with demonstrators outside ICE facility in Portland
Some very close-proximity shooting Portland, Oregon
Tear gas does not deter Portland Protesters outside the federal ICE facility PortlandProtests
Tear gas deployed outside the ICE facility in Portland
The pesticide tear gas gun is deployed again by federal agents in Portland
Looks like someone is also being taken into custody off of SW Bond
Lots of Law Enforcement vehicles blocking SW Moody Portland, Oregon
The scene on Moody Avenue: protesters shield themselves from impact munitions as clouds of tear gas waft up toward the apartment buildings above
Here's that device that federal agents are using to pump out tear gas, which quickly it fills the street. This is all still unfolding near the ICE facility in SW Portland, where an unlawful assembly was declared
Out here again with a ridiculous amount of gas. Some back to that green tint
So much gas. Absolutely blanketed
Protesters getting seriously gassed. Some people are getting their eyes washed out with help from street medics
After DHS officers pushed protesters back towards the ICE facility, Federal Protectice Services deployed tear gas and impact munitions into the crowd again
About 150 people are outside the ICE building in Portland. Seeing agents us a device that almost looks like a leaf-blower, shooting out a continuous stream of tear gas
More munitions and tear gas deployed at the ICE facility in Portland Or.
Gas or smoke canisters released on the crowd off SW Moody - people look like they are coughing & gagging
This leaf-blower-looking device shoots out a continuous stream of tear gas
More flash bangs and tear gas being shot at protestors in front of ICE after they started to push in towards officers.
LRAD also arriving on scene Oregon Portland
Burning PDX with poison teargas bc Ted Wheeler got his feelings hurt
A row of law enforcement officers, including several from Oregon State Police, now lines the intersection of Thomas Street and Moody Ave. One officer is carrying a device that looks like a leaf blower and emits a loud buzzing sound
Currently in Portland OR outside the ICE facility PortlandProtests
Federal Protective Services agents emerged from the ICE facility, deploying tear gas and impact munitions into the crowd:
When it's the left they blanket neighborhoods in gas
The Department of Homeland Security have snipers with rifles watching an anti-ICE protest.
The feds have come out and unloaded tear gas and pepper balls into the crowd
Tear gas deployed outside the ICE facility in Portland
Portland Police:Officers near NE 16th Ave and NE Glisan St are continuing an investigation. The parking lot is closed. Do not approach the officers as they perform their official duty
Portland: Fire requesting police to respond Code-3 to 18th/Taylor (unknown SW or SE) for a male trying to get physical with them, firefighter heard yelling "back up, back up" at the male while requesting police, male reportedly broke out a window of a nearby business
1 year ago
SW Ridder Rd fire has been extinguished. Small pile of cardboard with no extension into the structure. Firefighters to remain on scene to check for hot spots
Firefighters are responding to a report of cardboard on fire inside the refuse and recycling transfer station in the 10200 block of SW Ridder Rd in Wilsonville
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