28 November 2021
Buildings closed in Portland, USA, after several bomb threats
For second night, group gathers at ICE building in SW Portland; 3 arrested
Police: More than 500 arrests since May at Portland protests
A medic is arrested
This officer is just itching to let loose as he clutches his baton
Police continue dispersing people, this time on the sidewalk
Officers retreat but then stop and fire lots of gas and pepper bullets
There was a lot of tear gas tonight.
There is an absurdity to protestors in umbrellas facing off against federal agents with guns. That is one way protestors make their point: they disobey and try to show law enforcement overreacting
The crowd pushed right back to ICE. The occasional waft of countryside seasoning flows through the crowd triggering coughs & sneezes. A streamer showed off some rubber munutions and also documented the stains on my pants from being shot
Lots of gas. Lots of pepper balls and rubber munitions.
Although the gas was intense earlier, a lot of people have returned to the ICE facility.
People yelling in front of the ICE building as the FPS makes announcements.
Federal agents use tear gas(CS) on protestors
Feds and PPD came in fast, obviously in coordination. A short-lived face-off with an umbrella seemed to embolden the crowd for a moment
Federal agents, some in camo Portland, Oregon
The business owners came out, one had a razor, and exchanged unpleasantries with protestors
@gravemorgan says: Here where they aimed, and hit me, directly at my camera / hand and I was able to pick it back up lol. I am clearly marked as press and on the sidewalk PortlandProtest after this I distinctly smelled countryside gas
Hit in the head and the hand with pepper balls portland protests Portland, Oregon
Portland police openly fire on press and protesters outside the ICE facility PortlandProtest tear gas definitely deployed
3 portland police and DHS agents move in on portlandprotests outside the ICE facilities
Alright policemen have moved in portlandprotests
Pt 2 portland police and DHS agents move in on portland protesters
Federal Protective Service making another announcement as people bang on one of the facility doors.
Some people looked like they were spray painting the security cameras outside the facility. Strobe lights were also directed toward the building.
Federal PA starts blasting warnings not to damage the building. People start chanting loudly and someone plays Dear Portland Police (by @swiggleman) on a speaker
Protestors have returned for a second night to the ICE facility in SW Portland. There's only about 50-100 protestors here
The Federal Protective Service is announcing to the demonstrators- "Do not attempt to damage or set fire to the immigration facility."
Portland protest day 84
Police searching for suspect who shot a 61-year-old woman in SE Portland
Crowd of around 100 starting to gather near the area around the ICE building in Portland.
After a bit, everyone decided to walk down to the ICE building. The crowd is not , but after a few minutes, they got loud
Some sort of scuffle is going on in front of the ICE building. It looked like someone may have pulled out a taser.
Snack Van has arrived at Elizabeth Caruthers Park.
90th and Washington. hearing it was a drive-by shooting. Lit up 25 rounds
Police toss smoke, push some press back
Police make an arrest, one officer pushes press back Portland, Oregon
A police officer pushed a protestor to the sidewalk, protestor runs back to grab something, gets pushed agin
An individual runs out to grab an item he lost during the push. Police charge him and he charges back. He breaks away and is maced and then tackled
"Projectiles were thrown at officers" but the only arrest I filmed was of someone who stumbled off a sidewalk and yelled at an officer who shoved them a bunch
This person yelled at the officers after being shoved
Teargas shot into a constitution site with no one inside of it.
Police at corner of S Bond and Curry
Portland Police using teargas in SW Portland. The cone system is used to put out one canister
Another graffiti message Portland, Oregon
Stun grenade in the street and the Portland Police arrive and start to march north.
Looks like the crowd is headed back to the ICE facility.
So much tear gas. Feds just tossing things about
Someone is yelling that "The wrong thing is on fire. Let's go back to the ICE building.
On another note, this fire is really going.
Federal agents using teargas and stun grenades in the Portland streets for the first time in August.
Several benches have been added to the trash fire. Police are still gone.
Portland Police vehicles look like they are heading to S Bond Ave. People have gathered again near the ICE building.
Federal agents hold a line Portland, Oregon
Police asking people to leave area, including press
DHS storms back out of the ICE building and deploys teargas.
More people attacked and beaten by the policemen but not arrested
The gathering outside of the ICE building in the 4300 block of Southwest Macadam Boulevard is still declared a riot. All people in this area must disperse to the north.
Police at corner where fire is .they're putting it out
Teargas being shoot off by Portland Police.
PPB comes in, tear gas deployed , people dispersed north down S Moody
Aggressive shoves from a PPB Officer.
LRAD declaring a riot again. Ordering members of the press and journalists to leave the area, which is breaking the Federal Restraning Order.
The building has been redecorated. But the crowd is very low key and mostly just chanting this time. PPB announcement is reminding everyone that this is still a riot and tells residents to go indoors and that everyone must disperse to the north. Tear gas threatened
Wheelchair Champion is back and just watched two @ICEgov agents have to hold back another guy to keep from attacking WC. The ICE bros had to quite literally physically restrain their pal to keep him from attacking someone in a wheelchair. Many others witnessed this occur
The Portland Police have declared a riot. They are warning "media and press" that they are ordered to disperse. This is a violation of the Federal Restraining Order
Portland Police have declared a riot.
Police disperse protesters out of the area
South Waterfront, where a rally at the ICE facility is being cracked down on by the police.
DHS officers in the lobby. blacklivesmatter
Police officer tells protestor to get on the sidewalk, tries to rip off face mask
Feds are back out. PPB arriving
People again gathered outside ICE bldg
Police pushing people north quickly.
Riot declared near ICE building in SW Portland. Live look near Bancroft St & Bond Ave.
What is that burning thing being dragged through the crowd *gasp* Could it be
Chanting near lit mattress, S Gaines and Bond
A mattress fire Portland, Oregon
About 30 feds come out of the building while a handful more stood on the roof. of course, then PPB showed up to help them
Portland police arrive and disperse protesters, federal agents stay back at ICE
Fire at S Bond & S Gaines-someone tells us outdoor furniture is being used for fuel.
People gathered at S Bancroft and Moody again, glass shattering heard from ICE building moments ago
Drivers not sure what to do when they drive up to the bonfire.
The group is going back toward the ICE building.
Road blocked at SW Moody & SW Abernethy St.
A lot of smoke was used as a going away present.
PPB dispersing people north Portland, Oregon
PortlandPolice flee and throw gas indiscriminately as they do
Tense scene with the child jailers. Also Portland Police just showed up at the other end of the street and are once more obviously coordinating with the Feds again
Federal agents are out and the group is still roughly at about 200.
Agents outside ICE Portland, Oregon
Police came from the side and charged Portland, Oregon
Protesters near the ICE building near SW Macadam Ave
Feds have pushed into the street and appear to be surrounded
Lighting up some people with shields with pepperballs
ICE window got cracked and the Feds are assembling inside
Closer look at glass broken Portland, Oregon
The fed LRAD has a crazy echo every time it goes off. Also the camera have gained decorations
Paint on the building "F—- ICE" .law enforcement can be seen through the glass, tho hard to see in pic
Crowd gathered near S Moody and Macadam
Moving south down S Moody Ave. now. People dumping water from an apparent resident near S Moody and Bancroft
Dozens gathered at Elizabeth Caruthers Park for a direct action march slated to move at 9 p.m. koin6news
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