28 November 2021
An empty bed is loaded into the ambulance. Minutes later the ambulance drives away
During the next group of arrests an officer fired pepper balls into the crowd that surrounded them
Shots and screams rang out as officers arrested protesters in the street outside of the ICE facility
An ambulance pulls into the ICE building, most likely for one of the protesters DHS agents violently assaulted
DHS agents back behind the gate Portland, Oregon
Federal officers try to grab someone that was verbally insulting them, pepper bullets get fired and there's a lot of pushing
DHS charge out again and make multiple arrests. They seemed to target people verbally heckling at them
A DHS agent crushes someone on the ground with their body
Federal agents rush the crowd and more arrests are made Portland, Oregon
Protesters actually push the DHS agents back to the ICE building
Federal agents move back inside the gates of the ICE building and the crowd erupts in cheers.
DHS agents executed a bullrush making at least 3 arrests. Screams rang out in the streets
Some protesters standing on the streets and sidewalks of SW Bancroft St. are yelling at the row of DHS officers: - "No child deserves to be jailed ever." - "Why do you support forced hysterectomies"
Officers have moved backwards in waves, traveling back toward the ICE facility several meters at a time. As they retreat, protesters chant "move back." Most officers are standing on SW Bancroft St. in a row facing protesters
Another small retreat from DHS Portland, Oregon
More DHS agents start to move back, protesters chase after the officers and DHS starts to run back
Officers begin to move back. One DHS officer falls in a rain catcher
Portland police arrest man, seize handguns, drugs after caller reports suspicious exchanges
DHS agents charge into the crowd of protesters and assault multiple people
Federal agents from DHS made one targeted arrest, they have expanded the perimeter to the intersection facing the ICE detention facility
DHS officers at work in Portland, Oregon
The scene on SW Moody Ave. and Lowell St. is quiet. Protesters, most of whom are wearing respirators and helmets, are facing the row of ~25 DHS officers in silence. The loudest sound is that of a protester's sound system playing a local protest anthem, "No Cock Like Horse Cock
One person wearing a sequin dress and sequin face mask dances in front of a row of officers lining SW Bancroft St. to cheers from the crowd
After declaring an illegal assembly, FPS agents exited the building. They have not yet fired impact munitions or Pepperball munitions yet
Well this was an incredible Whitney Houston moment
Picture of Current situation in Southwest Portland, in front of the ICE building
Rows of officers, some with DHS badges, carrying cans of mace and impact weapons, stand in the intersection of SW Moody Ave. and Bancroft St. facing protesters. "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston plays in the background
This is ALL DHS, no PPB at all. Gas masks make sense now
Federal officers press further into the streets of Portland. Two people arrested so far
One person gets detained in the grass outside the ICE facility
A DHS agent walks up to two people on the sidewalk and assaults them
About 75 to 100 people are gathered outside the ICE building in SW Portland
A row of officers carrying impact weapons and wearing respirators and helmets stands on SW Lowell St. facing protesters. Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A." plays in the background and neighborhood residents observe the crowd from their apartment balconies overhead
An unlawful assembly is declared and DHS agents storm out of the ICE building
Riot policemen form a line and start to push protesters and press north outside the ICE facility PortlandProtests
Another battalion of DHS agents arrive. Federal officers line up on Portland streets
Federal officers march and form a line a block away from the ICE building. At least five people arrested
Officers abruptly rushed the crowd, running north on SW Moody Ave. and making multiple arrests
The federal protective services agents garrisoned inside the ICE detention facility have just warned crowds to stay off federal property
Protesters gathered at the Elizabeth Caruthers Park have marched to the ICE detention facility in SW Portland. One resident in the neighborhood hurled glass bottles at the crowd as they marched past
Protesters arrive at the Portland ICE building, with the intent of replacing the BLM artwork torn down by right wing demonstrators over the weekend
A group is marching towards the Cottonwood School of Civics and Science to hang posters in support of the BlackLivesMatter movement after the originals put up by students were torn down over the weekend.
Police close I-5 southbound at Interstate Bridge for person in mental health crisis:
Police close southbound Interstate Bridge traffic for possible person climbing bridge
'Home Improvement' actor Zachery Ty Bryan arrested in domestic incident1 year ago
'Home Improvement' actor Zachery Ty Bryan arrested in domestic incident
After a group of roughly 100 protesters gathered at a North Portland park on Monday night, a majority of the crowd marched to the Portland Police Association building — eventually setting a billboard on fire
Portland Police:Sound truck announcement: This is the PPB. Stay off buildings, do not light fires, and remain on the sidewalk. If you engage in criminal activity you could be arrested and subject to use of force to include crowd control agents, impact weapons, and/or tear gas
Still about 100 or so people gathered and the road is blocked outside the PPA building.
A small fire burns on a billboard Portland, Oregon
The billboard next to the PPA building was just set on fire.
Police say roughly 100 people have marched to the Portland Police Association on N. Lombard St
Some of the new graffiti on the boarded up and deserted PPA building
The names of Patrick Kimmons and Quanice Hayes (both who were fatally shot by Portland police) have been spray painted on the walls of the PPA building
Protesters arrive at the Portland Police Union building (the PPA).
Crowds have just arrived at the Portland Police Association. Portland Police gave a warning for crowds to stay off the streets, and not vandalize buildings
Already issued a warning to those gathered outside the PPA
Portland Police on the LRAD making announcements already. Saying the street is open to traffic, and not to vandalize buildings. Protesters have been letting cars pass through
The group is standing outside of the PPA building. things are still pretty quiet so far.
Most people are just hanging out in front of a donut shop and 7-11 across the street from the PPA
Detectives investigating shooting in Salem area  on Auburn Road Northeast near Clarmar Drive Northeast.; one person taken to hospital1 year ago
Detectives investigating shooting in Salem area on Auburn Road Northeast near Clarmar Drive Northeast.; one person taken to hospital
Portland Police:Sound truck announcement: This is the Portland Police Bureau. The streets in the area around the PPA are open to vehicular traffic. Please remain on the sidewalk and be courteous to your neighbors. Do not vandalize buildings
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