25 January 2022
Portland Mayor @tedwheeler joined AM Extra this morning to discuss several topics including the future of the city's policing and recent attempts by demonstrators to enact an autonomous zone
Scene after reports of a fire at an apartment complex in Gresham, near NE Cleveland and Powell Blvd.1 year ago
Scene after reports of a fire at an apartment complex in Gresham, near NE Cleveland and Powell Blvd.
In the car heading home when flashing lights by JC. Police announcing that it's after midnight so city parks are closed. Ordering crowd to go home
Back at the park: "Those people down there are not with us. They want to start a war. We're not doing that shi* tonight."
Officers are conducting arrests on SW 3rd Ave between SW Main and SW Madison St. Do not interfere with officers so they can safely perform their duties.
The police continue to order the crowd to stay in the park. Most of the group has moved to the park, others have just left. The crowd is definitely shrinking in part due to conflicts between protesters
A group of police trying to get people to go west back to the park.
The police are claiming they needed to clear the streets because someone inside the building needed emergency medical attention. An ambulance showed up but drove away without anyone getting in or out
There is some internal conflict with the protesters about How much they should listen to the police's orders.
Police saying the sidewalk on the west side of 2nd Ave is closed, commanding people to leave and threatening them with arrest and use of force if they don't.
Police cleared the street and an ambulance came through. they are telling people to get off the sidewalk by the police bureau
Police on the LRAD saying to not "tamper with doors to the Justice Center" also telling the protesters to not block traffic.
The people at the park marched down in front of the Portland Police Bureau entrance
A motorcycle drive-by. The vibe here is just.odd Some people really trying to keep everyone in the park. P
Lots of riot police stationed behind the Justice Center. Portlandprotest
A ton of fighting between those who want people to follow police orders and keep the crowd off the street. Other (loud) protesters hate that idea
People almost immediately went back into the street. There is some dispute among the protesters if they should stay in the street or go to the park. Police on the LRAD are commanding people to go to the park
Police head out for now, but warn if you return to street you're subject to arrest.
Police continue to block traffic and the crowd chants "Quit your job." Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
Police trying to keep people in the park because they were blocking the street. The police are currently blocking the street.
Got what appear to be a few arrests going on
Police left. People threw waterbottles and other small objects
Day 24 of Portland protest
Richard Andrew Blythe, 22, arrested at the violent antifa protest in downtown Portland. He's been bailed out. antifa PortlandRiots PortlandMugshots
Portland Police arrested 6 at antifa riot that occurred on night of 19–20 June. Rioters threw baseball-sized rocks & explosive fireworks at them. Ariston Ronald Vallejos, 31 Felony criminal mischief, 10 counts reckless endangering
The moment an explosive was thrown at Portland Police tonight was caught on camera. Antifa black bloc rioters have protested violently for 23 consecutive days, draining the city of significant resources
For hours, antifa rioters attacked the Justice Center in Portland using projectile weapons like glass bottles and rocks. when police tried to disperse the mob using flash bang grenades
Police made arrests at the violent antifa riot in Portland tonight. For more than 20 straight days, antifa & other far-left militants have been using projectile weapons to try and break into the Justice Center.
Before this clip the police threw at least 10 flash bangs into the crowd and started charging. Two flash bangs blew up right under my body, feel the burns.
This one firework initiated the police's brutal charge and grenade deployment at the protesters.
Police smashing people with batons, shooting tons of foam tipped bullets, and firing flash bangs into crowds of people.
"I don't see no riot here, take off your riot here" Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter PDXprotests pdx
Some of the riot police pulled back. Still some police and sheriffs guarding the park
Police trying to hold the line at Main and 4th. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
Sending more flash bangs into crowds of civilians. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter PDXprotests pdx
Riot police have showed up and are sending flash bangs into the crowd. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
More flash things and Police pushing the crowd back out of the park. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
Police more physical tonight then last night. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
A few bottles have been thrown from the crowd, the umbrellas are out in full force anticipating Police munitions.
Coming from the officers:
A police car with an LRAD about a block away from the Justice Center. It's trying to give warnings/threats to the crowd.
Portland Police Bureau on a vehicle loudspeaker saying "We have no intent to engage the crowd, please stay peaceful."
It is usually impossible to hear the sheriff/officer on the megaphone. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
Still a few hundred people here, one section of the fence is pretty funky. Police warning "There are children in the crowd
Looks like a police shift change. Portlandprotest
Police use bright flashlights to make it harder to see/record them. Umbrellas can be a great counter tool. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
There has been an officer on a megaphone making demands to the crowd. Portlandprotest
Some people started tearing down the fence. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
More fireworks. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
The crowd has been slowly thinning, but there are car barricades on each side of the car.
Someone light off some fireworks on the north side of the building, the sound spooked a lot of people here. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
Maybe a little less than 500 people here right now. No police outside the Justice Center yet. People chanting "Black Trans Lives Matter." Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
At the Justice Center, Saturday night, 6/20. "Why Are You At Rev Hall" projected on the side of the building. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
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