25 January 2022
US Special Operation Command C146A Wolfhound N645HM orbiting near Portland again
Federal officers run out to arrest a protestor, they carry him away, into the courthouse, under the cover of tear gas
PPB announcing: "SW 1st Ave to SW Broadway from SW Columbia to SW Harvey Milk is closed. Leave the area now".
Here's the fire on the NW corner of federal property
Police have closed roughly 60 square blocks of downtown Portland
8th warning. LRAD going block to block. This was on main and 1st
Portland police: A riot has been declared outside the Justice Center. Disperse to the north and/or west. Disperse immediately. Failure to adhere to this order may subject you to arrest or citation, or riot control agents, including, but not limited to, tear gas and/or impact weapons
More tear gas is launched at protesters from the federal courthouse
PPB declares a riot and closed a large section of downtown. It's unusual for PPB to get involved when feds are already attacking
Protesters with umbrellas and homemade shields face off against federal police in a cloud of tear gas. A protester walks past with a leaf blower
Big tear gas attack on SW 3rd
Tear gas being used by feds to disperse protesters
Feds toss gas and it doesn't work so they're shooting people. Folks are no scared
Gas and the tail end of a firework
This moment recorded teargasteddy Portland, Oregon
Protesters are attempting to counteract the effects of the Teargas federal officers have just deployed.
A protester uses a leaf blower as tear gas drifts around the intersection of 3rd and Salmon
Feds shooting pepper balls, being general dicks Portland
Rollerblading inside the fence
The mayor left, protesters weren't that welcoming, but it's also day 55 and you really gotta put in the days before you get first bumper being out here
A gas canister is blown away by a leaf blower and a fire extinguisher
Protester spotted using a leaf blower on a cloud of tear gas outside the Justice Center in downtown Portland. (Video from NBC.)
The feds came out of the courthouse and got up big time in the eyes by some gas that was way more painful than normal
Protesters disperse as tear gas drifts across 3rs Avenue
Some people appear to be throwing bottles over the fence. mell countryside gas in the air.
Gassing continues as protesters stand strong at the fence
Lots of fireworks being tossed at building
this fire is the reason for the tear gas and other munitions
You can see/hear the fence shaking
The overturned tent kinda Portland, Oregon
Mayor @tedwheeler takes tear gas Portland, Oregon
Mayor @tedwheeler feeling the effects of tear gas
Thousands of people in the park blocks by Federal Courthouse (FC) and Justice Center (JC). Chants of "Feds Go Home." No clue what announcements. hearing on this loudspeaker. Sounds like feds or policemen
A look at the fire burning near the federal courthouse
Federal officers fix breach in the fence
More tear gas and flash bangs deployed Portland, Oregon
Umbrella phalanx stops pepper balls. Huge fireworks thrown at the occupying force. Barely a soul has moved backwards
Up to SW 5th. Two blocks from the courthouse. Crowd still following Wheeler
Federal police shoot flash bangs into what's left of the crowd. Most protesters have moved West, as they usually do during attacks
Officers are making announcements & people are booing. koin6news
Federal officers fix the breach in the fence, under cover of tear gas
Fire growing near the federal courthouse in Portland. Looks like tear gas is being deployed.
Trash is burning on the portico outside Portland's federal courthouse building. (photo by @killendave)
"Whose streets, our streets" #portlandprotest day 55
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has moved to the steps of the Justice Center to address a crowd of thousands
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is entering the protest crowd right now. People are already confronting him
Portland "was busting at the seams," until federal forces went in, according to @POTUS. "It's incredible to me" that other cities aren't inviting in these personnel
1 year ago
Detectives are investigating an officer involved shooting in White City. Jackson County Sheriff's Office says they acted on a tip from MADGE.
At this point the crowd had to thinned out enough
The medical tent of Riot Ribs has lost much of their supplies. Witnesses tell federal officers pepper sprayed all the exposed medical supplies and food in the tent. Additional rumors are circling officers tried to start a fire.
Firing more teargas up in the air.
protester making a necklace thing out of all the tear gas canister pins they could find
Riot Ribs is getting set up to cook again after the tear gas and explosives in their canopies. Protesters are beginning to trickle back, but many are calling it a night
Teargas vs umbrellas and leaf blowers. Police vs protesters
Russian media reports that policemen in Portland attacked filming crew of Russian "1st channel", broke the camera
Federal officers use tear gas and lots of impact munitions to push protestors further into downtown
Explosives exchange.Portland, Oregon
Police pushed protesters back to SW 5th. Then there was a sudden stream under the shield line. Then police retreated and protesters advanced again
The guy on the courthouse roof is using a laser. One firework thrown towards the end.
Federal officers pull a driver out of vehicle
Pulling people out of a car Portland, Oregon
Teargas canisters and impact rounds. Portland, Oregon
Activists threw smoke grenades and fireworks to cover their advance. The protest crowd has retaken Lownsdale Park Square.
Tear gas filling Salmon Street. Portland, Oregon
Protesters try to push back east, heading to courthouse again. The feds try to hold the line by using lots of gas and shooting impact rounds.
The skirmish continued briefly until federal officers succeeded in pushing protesters off Lownsdale Square Park.
Federal officers pushing toward Main and 4th, way past federal property.
Crowd control agents launched from inside the federal courthouse
Federal Officers advance west on Main Street. Using flash bangs and teargas along the way
People seem unquelled as fireworks are shot at the feds
This man got shot in the head and was yelling at the feds to do it again
A fight breaks out between a protester and someone wearing armor with a press label
Stun grenades in the park Portland, Oregon
Many Pepper balls fired into crowd, sound resembles gattling gun noise
Federal officers are using significant amount of impact munitions and tear gas
Teargas is launched into the park again.
More flash bangs and tear gas. The feds just feel unpredictable in such a big crowd
Portland united Against Hate truck drives through tear gas
Teargas has been brought out again Portland, Oregon
Then federal police attacked from the North and beat and arrested protesters. They also threw flash bangs at their bodies while they were on the ground, as seen here
The Feds have decided to blow smoke on the fire.
Federal officers blanketed the area with tear gas pushing protesors into the park
Tear gas added by feds to the fire
A small fire was started by the courthouse door.
Then federal police threw flash bangs and more tear gas as protesters used leaf blowers and their feet to attempt to disperse the gas
Federal officers use tear gas, clouds of it envelop the courthouse
This is when federal officers dispersed moms in helmets using batons and tear gas, some officers are carrying assault rifles
Ridiculous amounts of teargas being used in the streets of Portland by the Federal Officers.
The Feds really don't like when people throw the tear gas canisters back at them.
Federal officers blanketed the area with tear gas, protestors form a phalanx and remain in the clouds
Crowds pushed federal officers back into the Wyatt Federal building. The crowd cheers.
Tear gas fills the street in front of the federal courthouse
The Moms held up for a long while
Stun Grenades also in use. Portland, Oregon
As more teargas is deployed, some Moms pull back to the park.
gas outside the justice center Portland, Oregon
Federal officers stormed from the Southern side of the federal courthouse, and the Wyatt Federal Building. A large amount of tear gas and impact munitions have been used.
Protestors move forward after federal officers retreat inside the courthouse, protestor raises their hand in victory, colorful balloons in the distance
Fed's in Portland sending more teargas into a crowd that was non violent and cause no property damage tonight.
Protesters cheer at federal police retreat. It's weird to see the protesters outnumber the police so overwhelmingly.
Protesters barricade an entrance to the federal courthouse
SW 3rd & Main Portland Protest, Portland, Oregon
Looking at Federal Courthouse from SW Taylor
Tear gas attack, and loud flash bang
Face off on Madison Portland, Oregon protests. Police on the street
Moms vs. federal police at SW Madison. Protesters chant, "Feds go home."
Federal officers dispersed protestors and cleared the front door of barricades
Federal officers dispersed protestors using tear gas, flash bangs, and batons. Some Feds are carrying assault while doing crowd control
Portland, Oregon police officers near federal
SW 3rd -& Salmon Portland, Oregon
Part of crowd appeared to be marching away on 4th
Federal officers are right in front of city hall. heard flash bangs. It appears the flash bangs are pushing protesters away from the federal courthouse
Tear gas and other crowd control munitions
Shield work on SW Main Portland, Oregon
Federal police are out and declared an unlawful assembly . I hear loud flash bangs from 3rd
Some new types of barricades being used.
Federal officers are here approaching the group of protesters.
A lot of people at 3rd in Portland
Barricade to the front door reinforced with sandbags
Protestors building barricades
Protestor hypes the crowd "let's get it." Banging on the federal courthouse
Back at the courthouse, things are picking up.
After 54 days, the protests haven't fractured into a dozen different causes, the tactics have changed, but the theisis is the same "Black Lives Matter"
Chanting and music Portland, Oregon
Portland protests day 54
The crowd is really big. Just to reiterate this is a Tuesday night
Lindsey Malsin, mom in a helmet. Portland, Oregon
Comment from @JoeBiden on the @DHSgov security presence in Portland, Oregon
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