30 November 2021
Shooting Victim Suffers Serious Injuries in Glenfair Neighborhood
Shields are yanked and more arrests made as police prioritize targeting those holding shields during their push
A couple of the Portland Moms were knocked to the ground during the police rush PortlandMoms
Protestors set a mattress on fire Portland, Oregon
Police disperse protesters a second time
Police make another arrest, then run up on press trying to film PortlandProtests
Police toss a tear gas canister from the van on their way out, not sure if it was countryside but it caused coughing and burning
During the second dispersal enforcement action, one member of the crowd was maced. They told officers ripped off their mask before macing them. Medics administered treatment.
Police throw smoke, Chris the medic places a Pepsi can in the middle of the road à la Kendall Jenner
One person rode into the Penumbra Kelly Building property before locking up his bicycle. He stood on the corner for about 10 minutes. Officers stormed out of the building and arrested him.
Another mattress is added onto the street fire in Portland, shortly after 1 am here
Headed out for the night, most of the crowd dispersing, as we're leaving two cars aggressively Rev towards protesters and then back out and peel out.
"The new wave is Black Liberation, a.k.a. human liberation." Protesters have lit a fire in an intersection south of the precinct Portland
Another view of mattress fire, still 150 here, not clear if we'll go back to MSCO building portlandprotests
Protesters set ablaze a mattress and several construction signs in the middle of the street after the latest police dispersal
A mattress and several street barricades have been tilted against each other and lit on fire
Portland Police storming out of the bureau to make some arrests Portland
Running double time with the police. Might be this summer's most popular exercise program, police, protesters and press all included Portland
A bullrush and More gas deployed by Portland Police portlandprotests
And another push and shots of munitions by PPB. Anyone else notice the LRAD DJ keeps stuttering lolz portlandprotests
Police make an arrest Portland, Oregon
Smoke-filled residential neighborhoods in Portland again tonight as police fire crowd suppressants to disperse the protesters Portland
Portland Police declared an unlawful assembly, and riot officers began dispersal operations. Protesters were pushed away from the Penumbra Kelly Building.
Riot declared on this Saturday night as police push the crowd through the neighborhood Portland
An officer turns around to walk backwards, then rolls a flash bang (smoke grenade) toward protesters. The officer followed it up with two more
Police move into crowds and physical push them, continuing dispersal
Portland police have declared a riot after protest outside of Penumbra Kelly Building in SE Portland
4 policemen are completely surrounded by hundreds of protesters
First push of the night happens, right after unlawful assembly called portlandprotests
Hundreds of protesters have converged on the police bureau, maneuvering around the police line that had prevented the march from crossing Portland
Alan Swinney brandished a gun during today's clash between the alt-right & protesters in portland. The @PortlandPolice allowed the groups to spar; only after the alt-right was driven out did they emerge — to declare an unlawful assembly. portlandprotest portlandprotests
Paintballs are being fired towards the JusticeCenter. This is one we found that didn't break.
Mace and pepper spray flying between the two groups outside the Justice Center in Portland
Portland Police continue to come over the loudspeaker, saying they're observing the crowd throw projectiles and partake in criminal activity
A few people from the right wing groups continues to try to damage the BLM snack van
Massive brawls taking place in Portland, Proudboys and BLM with a lot of other groups. Proudboys just rushed a sidewalk of counter demonstrators. Police keeping out and letting the groups fight it out. Pepper spray, Paint ball guns used.
Snack Van 2 being damaged
Alan swinney pulls a gun on the crowd. No shots fired
Robert says his hand is broken. It's currently bandaged up and he is still out doing his job
Massive brawls taking place in Portland, Proudboys x BLM with a lot of other groups. Proudboys just rushed a sidewalk of counter demonstrators. Police keeping out and letting the groups fight it out. Pepper spray, Paint ball guns used.
Fighting in the streets Portland, Oregon
Smoke bomb at 3rd & Main. Portland, Oregon
Street clash in Portland
The right wing charges. They spend a lot of time beating people who are lying on the ground
ANTIFA burns American flag as another fight breaks out
Proud Bou section of the BlueLivesMatter matter crowd attacks and tramples someone
Here's what sounds like a gunshot or explosive going off:
Flag burning near the Justice Center.Portland, Oregon
Police are telling people over a loudspeaker not to engage in criminal behavior.
Smoke bombs are thrown and paintball guns shot as protesters and counter-protesters clash in Portland
A smoke bomb was tossed back and forth several times by Portland protesters
Qanon shield guy shoving someone in a red shirt. Red shirt guy gets heavily maced. Mace continues to be sprayed at the Antifascist crowd
Seeing projectiles, eggs, smoke bombs, fruit and water bottles being thrown from both groups.
BLM balloon getting slashed & deflated.
The BlueLivesMatter crew maced this man in a wheelchair at point blank and then ran off
Far-right throw a grenade of some type and seriously injured someone. When everyone flocked to help the right people opened fire on protester and press alike. They are all using weapons and the locals are using water bottles. been several times and caught one in the dome
Police say they may use crowd control force in Portland
Someone in a Blue Lives Matter mask tries to push back and assault press, it happens to be Robert Evans @IwriteOK. He refuses to be pushed away
Lots of conflict at Portland protest
Paintball guns being fired at Portland protest
The Back the Blue group has thrown a smoke bomb, it is tossed back at them
Seeing both groups throwing projectiles and smoke bombs at each other
Smoke grenades were thrown from the pro cop side. guess they haven't realized that people have been throwing these back from where they came for months
Someone threw a smoke bomb device - these people are removing it
Taser and mace used after hitting people with shields
At the Justice Center and already seen a number of tense confrontations
What appears to be hundreds of people are currently gathered outside the Justice Center. Some are holding BLM signs and chanting "Black lives matter." Others are holding signs saying "support police" as well as "Trump 2020."
Some people in Black Bloc standing off in front of the Back the Blue/Qanon/We the People shields
about 75% of the MAGA crowd is armed with something. Prob 1/3 of those have guns, others have tasers, ax handles and bats—and one weirdo had his bat in a hostler
Guy with rifle and III% patch standing with the pro police/pro Trump group
The Healthy Discourse has arrived. Finally, Americans with differing beliefs are having A Conversation
Someone brings a big amp system, blasts "fuck Donald Trump" while someone else waves an anti-Nazi flag portlandprotests
Portland Police making an announcement- asking people to stay on opposite sides of the roadway as a Blue Lives Matter & Black Lives Matter counter protest gets underway.
A scrum of opposing Black Lives Matter protesters and protesters waving American and Blue line flags has formed on SW Third between Main and Madison streets outside the Justice Center
Here we see the right wing dressing its line
Alan Swinney pointing his paintball gun around
Biker assaults man with truck Portland, Oregon
Things are heating up Portland, Oregon
Here we see the start of it Portland, Oregon
Small fight in front of the Bikes
Here we see a dude who thinks his paintball gun makes him a cop. I do not think that he is
People start whipping out tasers and other weapons. A general melee ensues. Paintball guy immediately runs behind the shields of his allies because he is a big ol wuss who just wanted to shout at unarmed people while holding a toy gun
Police have suggested that counter protesting groups stay on opposite sides of the street in downtown Portland. A shield wall has formed
Guy says "We're going to take this park back, get ready" after threatening a BIPOC female
And here the situation stands. Antifascist reinforcements have arrived. Both lines of humans have stopped fighting for the moment. everyone is just shouting while the police LRAD distantly tells everyone to please stay nice
Trump supporters arrive at justice
Firearms on display from the pro police and Trump group
One protester standing on the Black Lives Matter side dons a baby Trump costume and a trash can lid that says "Flush The Turd."
Here is the antifascist side of things from behind
A LOT of jawing back and forth but aside from a few shoving matches things have largely remained peaceful in downtown Portland
Armed demonstrators on hand as part of the group waving Trump's flag and using the "ACAB" acronym to chant All Police Are Brave. Portland
Officers from @PortlandPolice are on scene and have been telling people over a loudspeaker to practice "self monitoring." Up until a few minutes ago this road had cars still driving through
in downtown Portland as what was tens of people has quickly become hundreds. Here are reinforcements for far-right demonstrators marching right into a crowd of counter protestors
1 year ago
[email protected]: Another bad night of Rioting in Portland, Oregon. A small number of Federal troops there to protect courthouse and other Federal property only (great job.). Wanting to be asked by City & State to STOP THE RIOTS. Would bring in National Guard, end problem immediately. ASK
Police move onto the sidewalk and push protestors who arent walking fast enough
Police make another arrest Portland, Oregon
Portland Police riot officers pushed protesters from the North Precinct with batons & pepper spray, and declared a riot shortly after
Scenes from the first push Portland, Oregon
A shield wall forms while police make an arrest across the street
Police form a circle around the arrest of a protestor
Riot declared after shield wall advances to patrol vehicles. Police push into street, bisecting crowd
Police begin dispersing protestors by physically pushing back or to the ground
Police tell protestors they broke windows of boys and girls club van
Police LRAD warning to journalists to get on street so police can make targeted arrest
After two pushes, second one of which took the crowd to Williams and several blocks south, crowd is back
Shield line in place PortlandProtests
Police run into protestor shield wall
A member of the press was arrested, push by riot police happens portlandprotests
Police push protesters getting off the ground, other protestors try to help the fallen, police push them too
Police walk towards protestors to begin dispersment
@gravemorgan says: I got hit in the leg with a cannister iof something right before this - I was in the parking lot across from boys and girls club - anybody get footage of it
The floodlight bars on all 3 empty vehicles went out about the time that the first smoke grenades went off.
Cop cars on the front protest line right now: tires slashed among other things. objectively, the only people actually slash tires the past month are PPB, not protesters
Police rush again to remove cones from one cruiser. Another definitely has flat tires now
And the dumpster fire has evolved: also no unlawful assembly called yet that aware of portlandprotests
Another LRAD warning about criminal behavior
Lots of smoke and a loud flash bang went off which I did not capture PortlandProtests outside the North Police Precinct In Portland , OR
Lots of smoke. And when it clears, a few impact rounds and marking rounds. The vehicles are definitely empty
PA is playing "This Is America" LRAD is saying "don't touch or vandalize the patrol vehicles" which.
Police launched smoke, but that's all
Bunch of smoke thrown into crowd and then kicked back at police car line. Calm again now
Emerson and MLK sign pulled down and threw on patrol car. Police shoot off a few munitions but otherwise just warn people to not vandalize cars
The police car windows smashed out
Two lil recycling fires started, banner in the background.
Police reminding everyone not to enter or remain on property of north precinct. Since the Blazers Boys & Girls Club building is just south, people seem to be assuming that's not PPB property
In the absence of barricade materials, the barricade Doozers have opted for a game of "move the cones and caution tape closer to the police." LRAD again, same message. Nothing thrown since last time
Officers are announcing that they have seen people involved in criminal behavior in the crowd.
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