25 January 2022
Authorities have shut down NE Marine Drive between 33rd and 122nd Avenues while police investigate a crash involving a vehicle that plunged into the Columbia River
Three-year-old boy dies after being hit by car in N. Portland in September; driver not facing charges
Man steals car with boy inside outside Basics Meat Market in the 11900 block of Southwest Canyon Road., comes back to return child and scold mom 10TV
Portland PDX The fogger made a triumphant return outside the ICE facility tonight, as DHS Police attempted to disperse the crowd of Antifa demonstrators away from the building.
Protests at the Portland ICE facility. Federal agents used tear gas, flash bangs and pepper balls on protesters, members of the press, religious observers, and members of the @ACLU_OR
Police: Man seriously injured after shooting in St. Johns Police investigation still underway with no suspect information so far
Protesters push Feds back behind the gates at the ICE facility in Portland OR
There are so many DHS officers and BORTAC paramilitaries. All for some spray paint and people walking on their driveway
DHS bring out the fogger as more crowd control munitions are tossed into the streets Portland
Protesters follow the federal agents retreating into the I.C.E. facility Portland
Federal agents storm out to make another arrest, leading to rounds of teargas and pepper balls in the streets Portland
Federal agents fire off teargas, flash bangs and other crowd control munitions as they attempt to disperse protesters in Portland
This officer is going down the line telling every other officer something
Teargas on the streets of Portland as protesters face off with federal agents outside the I.C.E. facility tonight Portland
Federal agents storm out to make another arrest, leading to rounds of teargas and pepper balls in the streets Portland
Hit by two pepper balls athis Portland Protests
More munitions fired by federal agents at the ICE facility in Portland OR PortlandProtests Flash bangs, tear gas and pepper balls
Another arrest made here in Portland as federal agents handcuff a man outside the I.C.E. facility Portland
Federal agents come out of the I.C.E. facility to make a targeted arrest here in Portland
targeted arrest is made PortlandProtests. The group is MAD and LOUD
After the targeted arrest of a man who was riding a Segway, officers retreat back into the facilities. Officers have altercations with protesters on their way back in.
Portland Police Bureau said a man has been seriously injured after a shooting in St. Johns Saturday night
ICE for what is the 3rd consecutive night of Protests in Portland since the inauguration. Around 100 black bloc protesters stand outside the facility, no agents in sight
This is the video of the arrestee who needed the ambulance as she was arrested. that the gate closed on her legs, and she was loaded onto something resembling a pallet jack before the ambulance arrived
The crowd advances towards the gate as federal agents retreat to the I.C.E. facility here this Saturday night Portland
Face off between protesters and federal agents in Portland, as the agents cordoned off the vehicle entrance to the facility while the ambulance loaded up
Snipers on the roof of the Portland ICE building.
An ambulance is brought into the I.C.E. facility for the arrestee, prompting federal agents to come out once again Portland
100 ish protestors have gathered at ICE in Portland tonight. They came with candles and megaphone. DHS declared it unlawful and Injured a protestor arresting them. An ambulance has left ICE, presumably with the protestor
ICE agents are out and there's a standoff in the street
An arrestee is taken away on a forklift and into custody at the I.C.E. facility in Portland Portland
There are an absurd number of officers blocking the roadway. One tells to move back when about 12 feet away from him. Another brandishes his bear mace at a protester
"This has been declared an unlawful assembly" An announcement plays as federal agents make an arrest at the I.C.E. facility in Portland
DHS have pushed protesters further away from the property. An agent is exchanging words with a protester who is refusing to move back further, because for the last couple nights, DHS officers have destroyed the vehicles that has been built
Protesters clear the road again, this time for an ambulance. They grow confused and concerned when the ambulance needs to turn into the ICE facilities. The ambulance is presumed to be for a protester who was arrested
Federal agents retreat into the I.C.E. facility after making an arrest here in Portland
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