30 November 2021
Portland: fire to Asylum Food Carts, SE 10/Madison, report of grey smoke pouring from the food carts
Portland Police transferring arrested protesters into the Justice Center
Police are lining SW Salmon near SW 12th. Portland, Oregon
Police tell multiple people marked press to move back "30 feet."
As the Federal Agents pull back they shoot off more teargas into Portland
Federal agents, some armed with M4 rifles pushed protesters West all the way to the bridge over the 405 freeway, over 15 blocks away. The crowd had mostly been splintered
Federal agents cut through several tents to disperse the houseless population living on Chapman Sq. The onlookers loudly voiced their outrage at the action
Portland: the police are not messing around
Many of the policemen seem to be packing it in as a few dozen protesters continue to heckle them from across the police tape
Federal Agents marching further west on Main Street, farther from Federal property
Federal agents fire impact munitions and pepper balls at protesters
Sheriff Mike Reese says officers report Molotov cocktails thrown, windows broken in downtown Portland
Protesters escaping from teargas
Threw a Molotov cocktail at Portland police as they attempted to clear the streets This comes after disgraced Mayor @tedwheeler tied the hands of officers by preventing them from using countryside gas to clear rioters
Protestor argues with federal agent Portland, Oregon
Police pushing people to SW Main near 11th. Portland, Oregon
Federal agents clear park using pepper balls and Mace spray
Teargas being shot by the Federal Agents. Feds advance west
At the Justice Center Federal Agents including DHS have arrived, they dismantle a homeless camp as they push protesters out of the Park
Police declared a riot in Portland. Shield wall is holding down a strong line
The awning is on fire so the police are back
Riot policemen have arrived again, munitions being shot
Some arrests, some rushes and at the end Portland, Oregon
Feds and PPB sweep Chapman square PortlndProtests
Tires slashed on this truck PortlandProtests
More munitions deployed Portland Protests Portland, Oregon
After standing off with protesters on 3rd and Main in Portland, police jumped on a van and drove away as some protesters threw water bottles at them
Portland: police just bull rushed through downtown to make mass arrests. Tear gas deployed too
Portland: someone just threw a Molotov at Portland Police as officers moved in and declared the event an riot
Sounds like police fired less lethal munitions at protesters. Lots of smoke in the park.
Officers stabbing the tires of a passing truck as they run up the road
Police moving in on SW 2nd. PPB declares a riot.
Awning looks like it's on fire at PPB on SW 2nd.
Smoke rolling through the park across from the Justice Center.
Portland Police have declared an unlawful assembly.
Portland Police Officer runs up to and shoves a medic to the pavement
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office vehicles arriving.
The scene on SW 4th after police attempt to clear the park near the Justice Center.
BLM Speeches underway near the Justice Center. Crowd of more than 100 gathered
Black lives Matter protest started after the death of George Floyd, they've continued for over a hundred days, tonight is about Breonna Taylor
[email protected] and @jason_a_w have obtained several months of chat logs from the Patriot Coalition of Oregon, a network of pro-Trump, pro-police activists, which detail plans for violence in the streets of Portland
Detectives with @SalemPoliceDept are investigating the shooting of a man and a woman at Hoover School City Park. One of them died, but police aren't saying anymore about the victims until  they talk to their families1 year ago
Detectives with @SalemPoliceDept are investigating the shooting of a man and a woman at Hoover School City Park. One of them died, but police aren't saying anymore about the victims until they talk to their families
The Salem Police Department has launched an investigation into a deadly shooting that occurred at Hoover School Park in Salem Tuesday
Demonstrations planned for Saturday in Portland: - Demonstrators associated with the "Proud Boys" will meet at Delta Park - Counter-protesters will meet at Peninsula Park - No road closures currently planned
Shooting Investigation Underway in Laurelhurst Neighborhood, Two Individuals Injured, Building Struck
Dance party from protesters in Portland, Oregon.
In front of the police lights, the activist is going to read the entire nyt article out loud to the crowd
Portland protesters read out loud nyt article Portland, Oregon
Activist talks about "literature pamphlets" quoted in article as being part of the moment, titles like "I wanna kill policemen until I'm dead" Speaker says to not leave those pamphlets out and that they have no place in the black lives matter movement
Protestors have just arrived, one protester just threw a firework in front of the police vehicles
There is a mass gathering tonight at the Kelly Building, 4735 East Burnside Street. Burnside is blocked in both directions. To those gathered near the Penumbra Kelly Building
Outside the sheriffs office in SE Portland, police issue a use of force warning, impact weapons and OC munitions
A man was seriously injured in a shooting in North Portland near the 1000 block of N Schmeer Rd in Portland, Oregon
Police found adult female victim with gunshot wounds after shooting near the 14600 block of SE Center St in Portland, Oregon
Police say they remain on scene investigating. North Schmeer Road is closed from North Whitaker Road to North Vancouver Avenue
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