30 November 2021
The PPB throws some smoke grenades as they leave the area. It is not ok to throw things at the PPB as they leave the area
Another targeted arrest. Portland Police officers sprinted across the street to make a singular arrest.
Firefighters just arrived to put out fire. A few other people taken into custody.
The police rush and arrest this guy for what appeared to be heckling
The police make at least three arrests by heavenly doughnuts
Some casual brandishing of riot launchers. At least one additional riot van has returned on the side street
A hard push, lots of gas and a number of arrests. Some residents came outside to cuss the policemen out for gassing them in their homes. Police seem to be targeting streamers without clear press markings. The police are standing in the alley by the PPA, pointing guns at people
Police are removing the fence and moving people away from area
There were actually two fires set virtually simultaneously. This fire was at the back of the building
Portland. to the end. Didn't have to touch them .. And they all fall down
There are many police still in front of the PPA
People are returning to the PPA building. Police cars just went speeding past us in the opposite direction.
Riot declared after fire lit at police union building in North Portland An ambulance was called to the scene
Portland police officer pushes
So much tear gas the nearby apartment's smoke alarm is going off
Protesters have blocked the street with a fence and a blue line of tape
The lights on these police cars make it hard to get video from this spot but a large group of protesters seemed to have moved in the direction police were telling them to move. South and east
There's a fire in the middle of the street. People in the crowd are using fireworks
Ambulance is leaving the PPA building. People are returning to the Area. Police are still telling people to leave
Another fire has been set Portland, Oregon
Seemed to be smoke and maybe some tear gas earlier. police standing by the union building while a protester taunts them on a megaphone.
Portland Police Association, the police union building in Portland is on fire
A person gets shoved down and then told to move while being continuously pushed back down
Car races up on the barricades, reverses down the street and rushes at it a second time just to stop and turn around.
Someone just proposed a movie night, projected on the front of the PPA.
Portland police arrest several protesters after declaring a riot outside of the Portland Police Association building in North Portland on Aug. 24, 2020. The Police declared the event a riot after a fire was started on the west side of the building. #PortlandProtests
Demonstration in front of PPA building was quiet until law enforcement declared a riot just after 10pm. Law enforcement then deployed tear gas and made several arrests. Protesters moved back several blocks & have regrouped across the street from the PPA building
Portland Police released this video showing the aftermath of a protest-turned-riot outside the bureau's North Precinct overnight.
Coast Guard: 2 boats carrying 11 people collide east of Astoria-Megler Bridge
Police shoot of tear gas and/or smoke. Officers firing lots of impact rounds from the roof.
"This remains a riot" says PPB Portland, Oregon
Police lead a woman away in zip tie handcuffs as they make arrests after declaring tonight's gathering a riot PortlandRiot
Police make a brief push and fire teargas into this residential area to try to disperse the riot Portland
"This remains a riot." Though most of the crowd has dispersed, Portland Police continue to make announcements to those outside the precinct PortlandRiots
People scatter as police make another rush on the crowd tonight PortlandRiots
Police arrest a mom, then all pull back to the precinct
Police officers on the rooftop reach over to extinguish the fire outside the North Precinct
One arrest as the police withdrew.
Police shoot teargas towards residential housing, at the group of protesters that headed west not south.
Tear gas fired on this Sunday night in Portland
The police starting heading back to the precinct. An officer gently damasks a white women who is being arrested.
Police retreat after the first major push into the crowd tonight in Portland PortlandRiots Portland PortlandProtests
First push Portland, Oregon
Police take someone's shield and advance south on the sidewalk.
A barrage of teargas is shot and officers charge into the street.
Someone lit fire to the awning of the police bureau PortlandRiots Portland
More teargas shot, the crowd changes position.
Teargas is being used by the Portland Police.
Officers attempt to put out the fire from the roof. Stun grenades thrown.
A woman gives a speech about police formation & tactics, and protection of the press at the front lines Portland
Porland Police Fire munitions at protesters from the roof of the precinct
Police try to extinguish the fire
The building is on fire
Awning next to the motor bay of the precinct on fire
Portland police have declared a riot for protests at the North Precinct in Northeast Portland
Portland Police are conducting arrests. Protester tries to perform a "de-arrest" and fails
Portland police grab a makeshift shield out of an protester hands
Building awning set aflame; police declare riot, deploy tear gas in 88th night of Portland protests Sunday
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