25 January 2022
One in custody, no injuries in SE Portland police shooting in the 7900 block of Southeast 6th Avenue
Here's some pictures of one recovered canister. Anyone more familiar with CS/OC/CN feel free to the video above & tell what you think it is based on how the gas/smoke looks.
The police form a line and hold it for about 10 minutes. sacredfence justicecenter
Some type of gas or smoke is thrown into the crowd, then the police drive off. It definitely wasn't "just smoke," it had a distinct spicy feel.
On the east side of the Justice Center, the police attempt to literally push people westward.
While taking someone arrested into the Justice Center, Police fire on the crowd in response to a plastic water bottle being thrown at the curb.
The police arresting someone in the park. sacredfence justicecenter
A few officers charge after someone and head towards the park. sacredfence justicecenter Portlandprotest
Riot police arrive and charge then tackle non-violent protesters.
Police barge out of their door in response to someone spray painting their window. They start to attack someone who was not involved.
Some police officers approached the protesters on the east side of the building. An officer points his gun right at me while
Responding after 15-20 scary minutes. It's an elderly Black guy and just seeing that and understanding why they tried to keep me away
protester down and unresponsive. Arm was moving, is no longer
Literally front line (the lil lrad is whispering too):
Some folks want to move in though
A mob of police surrounding an officer that is arresting someone that got tackled by the police.
Another charge mich violence
A small fight broke out in the 7/11 about an hour ago with the flag mask guy. Police were very quick to the scene. The group of people that was pepper spraying folks (skull mask guy and flag mask guy, plus two others) were escorted to the Max station by police
Crowd moving, domed with something, need to fall back
The BLM flag is flying above the Justice Center here in Portland, OR
"No policemen, no KKK, no fascist USA." flagburning sacredfence justicecenter
Justice Center flag stolen and lit on fire to mostly cheers and few objections
They tried to get away from the crowd by entering a 7/11
Outside 7-11 where some altright folks—probably the one's I encountered—got chased out of the park by protesters. Then I'm told they harassed people in 7-11 and got dealt with for that, as you can imagine. Several people confirming what happened
These four people have been attacking and pepper spraying protesters. One of them is wearing a half skull mask
Tear gas filling the streets of Portland as the police retreat.
More gas being used for no observable reason.
Police using teargas (heard it may be the CN type) while they simply retreat back east.
Police starting to fall back, there is still a crowd of protesters.
Police removing some barricades and pointing their guns at a non-violent crowd.
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