25 January 2022
Portlant police Say the parks are clear and no arrests were made. Officers are lining sections of the sidewalk along Lownsdale Square Park
PortlandPolice are blocking roads around both parks. Rapid Response is on scene, as well as officers in riot gear. several Fed Police agents in full gear in garage bay of Federal Courthouse
1 year ago
[email protected]: Kate Brown, Governor of Oregon, isn't doing her job. She must clear out, and in some cases arrest, the Anarchists & Agitators in Portland. If she can't do it, the Federal Government will do it for her. We will not be leaving until there is safety
Clackamasfire working what looks like apt fire. Big black smoke at first, but firefighters quick work knocked it down. This is off 122st Pl. near Johnson Creek Blvd. No reports of injuries
Feds just hopped out of some unmarked vans. Loads of flash bangs and tear gas being deployed
Fell back to 4th and Main to de-mask and chill. Feds just made a push on 3rd and Main. Smell of gas goes up to 5th. Garbage can on fire
More teargas shot onto 3rd Ave and the courtyard.
Federal officer from behind the perimeter fence offered support by fire for officers doing the snatch & grab.
The park is also completely full of teargas.
A conflict between federal officers and protesters on SW 3rd at Salmon
The Feds in the back of the courthouse also enter the building
A lot of teargas on Salmon Street Portland, Oregon
Feds hold the line at 3rd and Salmon. Portland, Oregon
The guys in the dark blue/black say "POLICE" the front, but on the back they are more clearly indentified as Customs and Border Patrol.
This federal officer just warned journalists not to touch the spent munition casings on the ground. This incremental advance tactic seems to have become the new norm tonight.
With conflicting reports that federal agents will be pulling out of Portland, the scene has been chaotic tonight/early this morning. Some videos show those agents blocks away from the federal courthouse. Multiple people have been taken in to custody. 63() nights and counting
After holding the intersection of 3rd & Salmon, federal officers retreated East under the cover of a heavy volley of Teargas and munitions.
This man is standing in front of the federal police, several of whom are carrying riot shields, waving an American flag. #PortlandProtest pdx
More teargas flying and the Feds brutally arrest someone and slam them on the pavement.
More teargas flying and the Feds brutally arrest someone and slam them on the pavement.
The arrestee was held on the ground where there was a high rally of Teargas.
Federal officers are pushing with vehicle support from the South. The crowd held in front of the federal courthouse.
Another arrest in Portland, Oregon protests
Pepper balling near 2nd and Main Portland, Oregon
The current scene at 2nd and Salmon. "You're f***ing protecting concrete."
Federal officers have moved on to the next block, leaving the WallofVets in place
One officer was determined to shoot at head level into a crowd of people, and he did.
At 11:40 pm the Feds came back out and started teargassing again
People are still gathered near the federal courthouse building despite the announcement to leave.
The Feds have pushed everyone back to 2nd and Salmon in Portland, Oregon
The Feds shoot pepper bullets and more teargas from inside and on top of the courthouse. Also Grandadtifa with a leafblower
The protesters with the flag & vet signs are in a quiet standoff with federal officers on SW 3rd.
The Feds are going absolutely nuts with no provocation in the streets of Portland
The federal officers have kettled hundreds of people
CBP agents and BORTAC officers have moved in from the South, while DHS agents approached from the West firing a small volley of Teargas. Most protesters have moved further North, with some @WallOfMoms & @WallofVets remained.
Moving in toward 3rd and Main Portland, Oregon
Some protesters are kneeling with a flag in the middle of the street.
The people in the intersection with a flag may be part of the WallofVets protesters.
Kind of just hanging out. flashing lights over by Salmon. Hearing drumming, chanting and shattering glass to the north
Haze of TearGas over SW 3rd. Portland, Oregon
The courtyard is completely full of teargas, folks doing a good job keeping the streets clean.
Little game of shield vs teargas Portland, Oregon
Looks like it. Police in the park also. There's nowhere to go This might be it
So much tear gas. Fence was untouched not sure what prompted. No warnings
Moments ago. Pepper balls, gas and flash bangs
Protesters are getting boxed in.
Federal Officers streaming out of the Edith Green - Wendell Wyatt Federal Building.
Dancing moms vs the Feds. Portland, Oregon
The Feds have started teargassing in Portland, Oregon
Downtown Portland. Day 63, energy feels better than the past few nights. Speakers talking about how we won't stop and won't give up. Some around the fence. Others around the park
DHS chief Chad Wolf says more than 240 law enforcement officers have been injured while guarding federal courthouse in Portland
The feds are withdrawing from Portland
Federal forces in Portland will be replaced with a "robust presence" of @ORStatePolice, according to @DHS_Wolf
Trump on Portland: "We're not leaving until they secure their city . if they don't secure their city soon, we have no choice - we're gonna have to go in and clean it out."
Shooting Investigation Underway in Parkrose Neighborhood, One Person Injured. officers responded to the 10700 block of Northeast Prescott Street
A lot of smoke and gas in the streets and park. The Feds head inside the courtyard.
Stun grenades and tear gas engulf a block of Salmon Street.
Officers pull back again and deploy some teargas that gets quickly kicked right back at them.
Teargas on 5th and Salmon in Portland. Two blocks from federal property.
Fire at Downtown Portland
As the Feds advance west they shoot a massive amount of impact munitions.
Protestor has hard time hitting tear gas canister back
A firework lands next to some press and the Feds decide to advance west towards the crowd
Someone tosses a firework and it lands directly in front of my feet. The feds advance shooting on the crowd
Stabbing Investigation Underway in Montavilla Neighborhood in the 100 block of Northeast 92nd Place
Officers outnumber the protests at this point. Portland, Oregon
Federal officers from multiple agencies pushed protesters away from the park. The crowd is in a stand off with police on the intersection of 4th & Salmon.
Some folks try to engage with the feds, who are more talkative tonight than usual. Note the fully automatic AR-pattern rifles, complete with suppressors
Some people in the crowd kept chucking things at federal officers
The feds begin to clear the park
An enormous amount of tear gas has just been deployed from the federal courthouse steps
Just a regular Wednesday morning in Portland. teargas
Teargas being shot into the streets and city park. Portland, Oregon
Shooting pepper balls and tear gas deep into the park Portland
More pepper bullet and the first tear gas of the night
Federal officers just fired a small volley of Pepperball munitions and Teargas in response to fireworks thrown. More warnings have been made on the loud speaker.
A barrage of pepper balls is fired into the shield wall. People toss fireworks back. The Fed LRAD warns folks that if they keep lighting fires, they will be shot at a bunch
Lots of fireworks going over the fence
Feds just shot a barrage of pepper bullets at the crowd
An impressive ember burns at the Elk's mound. Arguing protester from earlier is arguing with reporters.
Video of the bonfire on the site of the late elk statue. documenting so y'all can see it is small and controlled and not the out of control blaze that A*** N** and his ilk will try to make it out to be later.
A bonfire currently where the elk fountain used to be. An argument ensued after about the legitimacy of the action.
Looks like a big fire over where the elk used to be. Smaller fire inside fence
The feds have put down a concrete vehicle barrier on both sides of the fence now. Press are standing on it to get better crowd shots
Back in downtown Portland reporting in front of the Courthouse/Justice Center
Some people were banging on the fence, prompting a fourth warning from federal officers. Then someone ran up to the courthouse doors and then back out over the fence again
There are speakers at the Justice Center. Large crowd gathered in downtown
Most people are congregated near the Justice Center listening to speakers in the intersection. "no policemen, no KKK, no fascist USA."
First fire seen tonight. It is dying down now
In the midst of everything going on in downtown. There are a few people out here picking up trash. PortlandPortests
Feds out just standing in front of courthouse. Looks like they have red and green lights on their helmets
Same group from earlier, drumming and singing in front of the federal courthouse
Walking up to ground zero in Portland and there is a big PPB presence on 6th and salmon. three PPB cruisers and a riot truck outside of a bus
Another look at downtown Portland, Oregon
Federal officers are spraying down and cleaning the area behind the fence. Things were calm before federal officers stepped out.
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