17 October 2021
Portland Mayor Wheeler slams Trump: "You want me to stop the violence that you helped create. What America needs is for you to be stopped."
Asked if they're considering a curfew again, Chief Lovell said not for now, but it's not off the table. They didn't consider it effective when protests first started
Mayor Wheeler, Police Chief Lovell and County DA Mike Schmidt denounce last night's violence. No further details given about last night's shooting, but Mayor Wheeler was asked whether he would resign - "No."
Mayor Wheeler, Chief Lovell to address last night's fatal shooting in downtown Portland
Mayor Wheeler, Chief Lovell to address last night's fatal shooting in downtown Portland
Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt: "We can never allow hatred, racism, division and violence to win . the violence in our communities need to stop."
MultCo DA: Portland is being "terrorized" by people coming into the city with purpose of committing violence
Wheeler says he has no plans on transferring the police bureau at this time
Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell asks people to use caution regarding information on social media, also asks anyone with information to come forward
Wheeler: "What happened last night does not move us forward. It sets us back."
White House: Trump is ready to send additional forces to help state governors
A firework was thrown out of a black SUV on the intersection of 4th & Madison. Witnesses tell the license is 745LVN.
@AdamnCostelloTV Here's the Portland shooting video, which to clearly shows the VICTIM fired the first shot
@AdamnCostelloTV Here's the Portland shooting video, which to clearly shows the VICTIM fired the first shot
The shooting suspect had a neck tattoo Portland, Oregon
The purported shooter in Portland. Zoomed and enhanced. Still can't make out his face or hat
The ASP baton and everything. Belt matched. The light is changing the color of the shorts, but it's the same guy
Portland police say officers are investigating a report of shots fired in Alberta Park
One person deceased after a shooting in Downtown Portland. Initial eyewitness report to me was that victim was black. Now seeing evidence he appears white.
Trump supporters were fending off attacks on the street from Antifa in Portland. The purported shooter is seen standing by as the truck with Trump flags on it drives on
Close-up of the suspected shooter in Portland where a Trump supporter was shot and killed. He appears to have a gun in his hand
Scene when the fatal Portland shooting happened. between tonight’s shooting death on SW Third and Alder and the pro-Trump rally that was happening in the area at the same time before more information (besides the location, shooting and death) was confirmed by PPB.
Police and paramedics attempted to save the life of the white man shot in downtown Portland. It does not appear to have been related to the ongoing riot
One person is shot and killed in Portland, Oregon, as a large caravan of President Donald Trump supporters and Black Lives Matter protesters clash in the streets, police say
A homicide investigation is occurring in downtown Portland in the area of SW 3/Alder. It is protocol for the DA's Office to respond to a critical incident of this nature. At this point, we have no additional detail to provide. s will be given by @PortlandPolice
Clashes. Trump people unload paintballs and pepper spray.
Driving through crowds and macing out of vehicles at SW 4th and Washington
This isn't the official route of the Trump rally, but there is still an endless stream of Trump vehicles coming in to downtown Portland
The caravan is driving into Portland. A lot of people riding in the back of pickup trucks. Police are focused on keeping protesters off the roadway so the caravan can continue
Mutual combat on the Morrison bridge
The event hasn't officially begun, but it's already tense. A Trump supporter just pulled off his coat, ready to fight
Portland suburbs, where hundreds of Trump supporters are gathering for an event. They say they will be driving into Portland later tonight
Several protesters on the ground being arrested as fire fighters extinguish a small fire of plywood on the building that saves evil bad policemen from termination. Portland, Oregon.
Multiple shots fired from a vehicle in the area of N Denver & Lombard. Officers investigating
Police are responding to a drive by shooting by accosting police. Police trying to argue with people and losing horribly
Police are establishing a perimeter on the crime scene Portland, Oregon
Multiple shots were just fired 1 block away from the Portland Police Association Building. Shell casings have been discovered at the scene.
Portland Police Officers have arrived to investigate the shooting and assess possible injuries. Witnesses told the shooter fired into the air from a vehicle.
Police have arrived, a witness says a car drove by and fired shots into the air
Police roll out after standing in front of the PPA for about half an hour.
Here is a shell casing on the street Portland, Oregon
Ted Wheeler wants to break more protesters legs. This is ridiculous crap
Shooting Investigation Underway in Piedmont Neighborhood located in the 7700 block of North Kerby Avenue
Police make two more arrests by the gas station Portland, Oregon
Officers head back to the PPA for a small break in between arresting charges.
Another arrest in front of the 7-11. Portland, Oregon
Another arrest, police appear to mace the protester while he's on the ground
Police arrest another protester, anybody who isn't press or a legal observer whose hanging around
Officers of the Rapid Response Team carried out an unprecedented number of arrests tonight.
Police arrest someone on their motorcycle in a 7-11 parking lot. Portland, Oregon
Police target someone for arrest with a flashlight. They fail in chasing the person down in this instance.
Police arrest someone as they are dispersing. Police then plan further targeted arrest
Police are making lots of arrests, between one or two dozen
Police officers very likely violate the TRO by shoving Garrison back to stop him from filming an arrest.
The police make a wild charge into a Chevron. One of them finds himself briefly isolated in the crowd
This is the PPA that brought police out and to declare a riot
Officer in Portland saying "If they're not press, arrest them."
The PPB charge in and begin arresting. Here we see them charge at least five deep to knock down one person and drag them into the street
Police charge and tackle then arrest a random person on the sidewalk
Police move in, their making lots of arrests
Officers made another bullrush, while another group of officers arrived riot van to support another series of arrests
@hungrybowtie said: Police approach me & begin to shove this reporter back as I'm walking in the open area around where arrests are happening. My phone is turned off in the process
Police arrest another person outside 7-11 Portland, Oregon
Riot declared and police have shown up. Folks tackled and arrested and officers put fire out quickly.
PPA on Fire Portland, Oregon
A wooden pallet was set alight in front of the Portland Police Association building. The awning also caught fire.
Current stand off outside of PPA Portland, Oregon
One arrestee was maced as officers try to cuff him on the ground. The tactics used tonight favored fast arrests and targeting smaller groups
Dumpster Fire Portland, Oregon near portland police department
The dumpster barricade has been set ablaze on N Lombard St. One Portland Police squad car briefly drove by.
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